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How to Find the Best Hunting Boots

Your hunting boots can make or break a successful hunting trip, and the best hunting boots for you will depend on a range of factors, from insulation to terrain. Before you start shopping, figure out what you need. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What will the weather be like?
  • What kind of terrain will I be navigating?
  • Will I be moving around a lot, or sitting in one place for a long span of time?
  • Do my feet get cold, or am I more of a warm-bodied person?
  • Will there be animals near my feet or legs as I’m hunting?


Men’s hunting boots come in several insulation levels. The season and climate of where you plan to hunt will determine how much insulation you’ll need.

Some boots are best for early season and high-level activities — like if you’ll be moving around a lot or will be in warmer weather. The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme NI Hunting Boots are non-insulated and perfect for warmer weather. They offer a breathable membrane to keep your feet dry.

If you’re going out hunting in chilly weather, get boots with a medium level of insulation. The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Guide 400 Hunting Boots come with 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation that provides warmth without being bulky or awkward to wear.

Cold winter activities and trips where you’ll be sedentary for long periods of time will require increased insulation, like what you’ll find in the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus XTM Winter Boots, which are lined with 600 grams of Omni-Heat® insulation and an Omni-Heat™ Insert to work in temperatures as low as -65° F.


You should also consider the type of terrain you’ll be walking around on.

If you expect to be crossing shallow streams, then you should look for boots that have a waterproof membrane sewn into the lining between the foot and the outer shell. GORE-TEX® is a premium waterproof, breathable membrane that is found in products such as the Zamberlan Men’s 980 Outfitter GORE-TEX® RR Hunting Boots.

For trips that involve scaling steep hills and mountains, search for tread that will offer superior grip so you can climb with ease, such as that found on the Zamberlan Men’s 1012 Vioz GT RR Hunting Boots, which offer shock absorption to keep your feet feeling great all day.

Boots like the Zamberlan Men’s 4039 Expert Ibex GT RR Hunting Boots are specifically designed for hunting on mountains and also feature GORE-TEX® lining for warmth and waterproofing. Look for extra padding for climbing to keep your ankles supported, such as in the Kenetrek Men’s Hardscrabble Hunting Boots, which feature heavily padded collars for extra support and comfort.

If you expect muddier conditions, you’ll also want to look for a soil-shedding sole to keep from getting bogged down. Rubber hunting boots paired with moisture-absorbing socks are great for creeks, swamps, and marshes. The Under Armour Men’s H.A.W. Rubber Hunting Boots are lightweight and waterproof and have an aggressive traction outsole to provide grip while getting rid of mud and dirt.

If you’ll be in an area filled with snakes and other creatures, consider getting snake-proof hunting boots for protection, such as the Rocky Men’s Prolight Snake Boots, made of full-grain leather to keep you safe.

Finding the Perfect Fit

It’s important to ensure your boots fit your feet. Walk around in them when you try them on, and make sure you have plenty of room for your toes to spread out, even when wearing multiple pairs of socks. Try them on late in the day to make sure they’re still comfortable when your feet are tired and may have swollen.

At Sportsman’s Warehouse, we want you to love your hunting boots as much as you love you hunting, which is why we offer an online store return policy. Our customer service team is always ready to help with questions — contact us here.