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Megabass Deep-X 100 Crankbait Lure

Megabass Deep-X 100 Crankbait Lure


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Megabass Deep-X 100 Crankbait Lure -The Deep-X 100 is a great tool for cranking points, shallow ledges, and shorelines in general. With a wide range of realistic colors available, the Deep-X 100 can meet any water clarity situation.

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Megabass Deep-X 100 Crankbait Lure -One of the first Megabass crankbaits to feature the Megabass Multiway Moving Balancer System (PAT), the Deep-X 100 is one of the most versatile 5-8 ft. crankbaits on the market today. With a profile closely matching fingerling prey, the Deep-X 100 will generate strikes from bass in even the most heavily fished public waters. And with Megabass’ balancer system, your Deep-X will cast like a bullet and dive like a stone to depth in order to give you the most action in your target zone.The Deep-X 100 is incredibly effective when paired with a slow ratio reel and a steady, slow retrieve. In water visibilities of 2-6 feet, Megabass Pro Randy Blaukat recommends fishing the Deep-X 100 with a medium, stop-and-go retrieve.

  • Length: 2 1/4in
  • Weight: 3/8oz
  • Type: Floating
  • Depth: 8ft

Item # Color Length Lure Wt Brand Depth Price Order Online
1367317 Mss 2 1/4 in 3/8 oz Megabass 8 ft $22.99

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