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Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe
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Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe
Comments: Click here for more details about the Mad River Adventure Series Canoes

Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe


Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe - The Adventure 16 is the ideal canoe for families, sportsmen, or anyone wanting to get active in the outdoors.

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Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe - The multi-chine shallow arch hull design provides smooth tracking, comforting stability, and is constructed with polyethylene for superior durability. Packed with features like comfortable, padded molded seats with adjustable backrests, and plenty of space to store drinks, coolers, and cargo, this low-maintenance canoe is perfect for busy paddlers on-the-go. The rugged and versatile Adventure 16 is great for getting away from it all on lakes, ponds, and slow rivers. Designed for easy trolling motor installation.

  • Length: 16'
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Width at Gunwale: 33"
  • Width at 4" Waterline: 34.25"
  • Depth at Center: 14.5"
  • Depth at Bow: 19"
  • Depth at Stern: 16.75"
  • Rocker at Bow: 1"
  • Rocker at Stern: 0.5"
  • Capacity: 950 lbs

Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe


I bought canoe because it had a motor mount. I did not measure how far away the mount was from the seat, this was a mistake. I can't reach the motor without major gymnastics I had to put an extention on the Minnicota's handle to control speed and direction. It is almost impossible to swing the motor up when beaching. the good part: The canoe is well made, stable and tracks fairly well. There is lots of room for my wife and I. I may end up with a side mount for the motor. I caught a 28 LB. laker and had quit a ride.

Wasilla, AK

Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe


A friend and I each bought one just about a year ago, he got the 14', and I have the 16'. I've spent some time in a number of different canoes prior to this purchase, either rentals or borrowing them from friends, and when shopping around, but nothing compares. This is the first canoe that I've owned, so I really got to learn a lot in it, but my aforementioned friend is an expert whitewater kayaker, and he is tickled with his also. The weekend that I got mine, my local water (Buffalo National River) was in flood stage, we made a 4 mile float in 45 minutes and had a blast in the pouring rain. My friend's 14' has seen a class 3 whitewater run and came out unscathed, they are very versatile and fun canoes. Here's what I wanted to know, but couldn't find when I was looking: 1) These canoes are polyethylene like a kayak, and are quite durable, but in the end they are still plastic so don't expect armor plating. 2) The grooves in the bottom allow the canoe to track PHENOMENALLY, this thing will go in a straight line for days, and really follows currents well, unless it is a large eddy, etc. 3) The bottom is a V shape, NOT FLAT. But that isn't bad, all that it does is make it rock slightly to one side or the other before it is completely stable, not enough to send you over, but enough to notice. 4) They make great fishing rigs, I stand up in mine for miles, sitting down to paddle, but they are stable enough for me to stand in comfortably( in the back) and cast or set the hook on a big smallmouth. 5) They are hard to carry alone, simple as that. With two people it's easy, but unlike ordinary canoes, there is no place to put it on your shoulders in the middle. Although you can put it on top of your head, but I would not recommend it! 6) The motor mount on the back is not as accommodating as it seems, requiring an extendable handle in order to reach I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this product to anyone from beginner to expert

Doesn't Matter, AR

Mad River Adventure 16 Canoe


My Wife and I have used this boat for two seasons and we are happy. My wife calls it "her baby". We have used it for camping(overloaded did O.K.),exploring,fishing and general recreation. We run a minn kota 40lb thrust motor powered by a cheap 115 AH battery. We get approx. four hours at full speed, which is much faster than paddling. It has been abused and is as good as the day we bought it. Can't go wrong for this price.

Flagstaff, AZ


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