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Macks Hot Wing

Macks Hot Wing


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Macks Hot Wing - At 1/10 oz. when we say ULTRA-LITE ATTRACTIONS , we mean it!

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Macks Hot Wing - At 1/10 oz. when we say ULTRA-LITE ATTRACTIONS , we mean it! With over 90% less drag than metal blades of equal size, our counter-rotating blades spin in the slightest current or slowest trolling speeds. They can be trolled, bottom-walked, cast, or plunked. They work exceptionally well in front of plugs. Blades are easily tuned to fit your need. Use a wide blade angle for slow spin or narrow blade for fast spin.

  • They work exceptionally well in front of plugs
  • They can be trolled, bottom-walked cast or plunked
  • Hot Wings® flash reflected light in a 360 degree pattern around

Hot wings work good


When kokanee want a smaller presentation they work great

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5.0 1


Item # Color Length Model Brand Price Order Online
1020496 Red Sparkle/Green Sparkle Blade 6 in 70002 Macks Lure $5.69
1020497 Chartreuse Sparkle/Flame Mirror Blade 6 in 70003 Macks Lure $5.69
1020498 Silver Sparkle/Red Scale Blade 6 in 70004 Macks Lure $5.69
1020499 Blue Scale & Silver Mirror/Silver Mirror & Blue Scale 6 in 70005 Macks Lure $5.69
1392062 Pink & Silver Mirror Blade / Silver & Pink Mirror Blade 6 in 70000 Macks Lure $5.69
1392063 Gold Scale & Silver Sparkle/Silver Sparkle & Gold Scale 6 in 70001 Macks Lure $5.69
This item is currently not available online.
1392064 Silver Mirror & Silver Sparkle/Silver Sparkle & Silver Mirror 6 in 70006 Macks Lure $5.69
1392065 Chart Scale & Chart Sparkle/Chart Sparkle & Chart Scale 6 in 70007 Macks Lure $5.69

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