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Lyman Crusher II Reloading Press

Lyman Crusher II Reloading Press



Lyman Crusher II Reloading Press - The Crusher II will be able to handle the toughest reloading jobs and largest magnum loads effortlessly. This press is bullet proof and will last beyond your own lifetime.

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Lyman Crusher II Reloading Press - The Crusher II is the ideal press for reloading both rifle and pistol cartridges. The Crusher starts with a 1 inch diameter ram, compound linkage and a 4" press opening. This makes even the largest magnum cartridges easy to load. Its classic O frame design takes all standard 7/8" x 14 dies. The Crusher II is equipped with hardened and ground linkage pins and retaining rings for a smooth and tight operation. The new base design has 14 square inches of machined flat surface area with 3 mounting bolt holes for perfect rigid mounting. Unlike competitive models, the Crusher's ball handle mounts for either right or left-handed operation. The new Crusher looks even better with its durable powder coat finish and non-rust handle and links.

  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Perfect for mounting to wood or metal
  • Non-rust handle and links
  • Right or left handed operation

Lyman Reloading Crusher II Press


Bought this press a month ago to replace my 30-year-old Lee Turret press. Since then, I've run a couple thousand rounds through it, ranging from 5.7x28 mm through .338 Lapua. Full-length resizing is NO PROBLEM even on the big Lapua case, and still sensitivity and finesse abound for times when brute force isn't enough. I absolutely LOVE this press! My only complaint is that it only accepts standard-size dies. I would love to try running .50 BMG on it, but it's not drilled to accept big dies. That's okay. What it does, it does better than any press I've ever handled. YES, that includes the expensive ones. Motion is smooth and precise, and the cast iron construction makes it a lot less flexible than my old aluminum Lee press. Less flex means greater control, and control is the reason I bought a single stage press instead of another progressive. Dillon, Redding, RCBS may be as good as this press, but are not a whit better. Save the extra cash for primers and powder! BUY THIS PRESS!

Vinton, VA


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