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Lodge Cast Iron Chef Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Chef Skillet



Lodge Cast Iron Chef Skillet -curved sides for easier use of spatulas. 10" dia., Depth: 1-3/4"

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Lodge Cast Iron Chef Skillet -curved sides for easier use of spatulas. 10" dia., Depth: 1-3/4". This skillet is more shallow than our standard skillets and its sides are more sloped to easily handle omelets or sauteing.

A skillet with more shallow, curved sides for easier use of spatulas
10" dia., Depth: 1-3/4"
Seasoned and ready to use

How to Smooth a rough skillet


Despite my last review if you buy a rough skillet you can smooth the cooking surface easily. I use my angle grinder with a sanding disk to smooth the inside of a skillet or dutch oven. It only takes a few minutes to do. Then re-season it by cleaning it and heating it up then rubbing it down with cooking oil and baking it in the oven or even just simply over the fire. It makes a far easier pan to use and is well worth the short time it takes to do.

LaVerkin Ut


A smooth cooking surface is preferable


the only complaint I have with new cast iron pans is that they have a rough surface that is hard to clean and even hard to cook on because the food sticks easily. The older pans that I have and use and like the most are milled smooth on the inside so food turns over easily and they are way easier to scrape clean. I wish that cast iron manufactures would go back to this practice of making quality pans that are easier to use and clean. I love cast iron and it is the only thing I cook in.

LaVerkin Utah


Only pan we use


My husband and I got rid of all of pans and switched over to cast iron only. Fantastic way to cook, and its safer than your standard pans. Plus clean up is so easy and quick. It has to be oiled every time you use it or else it will rust, but other than that its a great way to cook!!!

Midvale, Utah


Lodge Cast Iron Chef Skillet


I am very pleased with my purchase. The pan is versatile and browns the food evenly. I like to use the pan to fry potatoes, you need very little oil and they turn out golden brown and crispy.

Granite Bay, CA


4.8 4


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