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Leupold and Stevens LTO-Tracker

Leupold and Stevens LTO-Tracker



Leupold and Stevens LTO-Tracker - The all new Leupold LTO-Tracker allows hunters to better understand their surroundings, easily recover game and have more success in the field.

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Leupold and Stevens LTO-Tracker - The compact thermal imager is only 5.6 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces, allowing it to be carried comfortably in any pocket. It features a 21 degree field of view, 6x digital zoom, and has a thermal detection distance of up to 600 yards. The LTO-Tracker has 6 optional thermal palettes and a user controlled reticle for quick acquisition of the target. Above all, the LTO-Tracker sports a Leupold Gold Ring and is Designed, Machined, and Assembled in the United States. Add the LTO-Tracker to your pack and change the way you hunt forever.

  • Thermal Sensor: 206 x 156
  • Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F
  • Temperature Detection Range: -40F to 572F
  • Fixed Focus With 6X Digital Zoom
  • Detection Distance: 600 Yards
  • Battery: CR123 / 10 Hours Continuous Use

Really not bad, but not amazing


I saw this at SHOT 2017 and thought it would be awesome, i picked mine up a couple months later. The thermal is a pretty useful optic for shorter ranges but at longer ranges it falls short. Given the small size and reasonable price of the optic I feel this is par for the course as you can't expect a lot for the price. I've use thermal optics above $10k and yes they are amazing but it comes at a price, weight and so on. This optic has helped me see bears and lions sitting up in tree's as well as seeing hot spots inside the house from outlets and hot water pipes, more importantly i'm HUGE about my campfires being DEAD OUT and use the thermal to actually view my campfire after i've put it out and made the campfire into a mini lake. I found a couple small spots that were warm still and hit it with a lot of water to cool it down. With the amount of careless forest fires out there, this is an extremely useful tool to truly know your fire is out from a thermal standpoint. This stays in my hunting / hiking backpack all the time, right next to my 357 revolver. Be realistic about your expectations and you will be very happy!

phoenix, az


blur problems


It has already happened to three of my group that the lens has been out of focus and the screen looks blurry, they tell us that the repair goes into warranty, but the shipment does not ... what solution is there so that this does not happen anymore , I think it's a very serious defect that moves the front lens so fast





With the claim of detecting a heat source from 600 yards away, I thought for sure that the highlight settings would show a glow of a live animal from 150 yards or even 100. That is not the case. While the horizon, trees, and fence posts all light up, 3 deer in my field at about 100 yards appeared only as slightly darker dots than the surroundings. Combined with a very small display and a digital zoom that only makes it blurrier, I have to say I am not impressed at all. I had hoped to use this for nighttime coyote hunting but scanning the area with my red spotlight will certainly be more effective than this unit. I still have hope that the LTO Tracker proves to be useful for tracking downed game or my purchase will be a complete waste. I've attached a picture of what the view looks like 3 hours after dark. Trees showing highlights in the distance are about 150 yards. An animal at that distance would not highlight, but only be a slightly darker blob.



Use in research/academic purposes


I bought the LTO-Tracker for wildlife research in the Atlantic forest and I am completely in love with the device. It has been helpful for wildlife conservation, so the LTO-Tracker is far beyong only the hunting purpose. I do agree with the comment above that it should have a protective case though.



Great device


I purchased the Tracker for tracking and hunting in Texas. It was instrumental in locating a hog that was approaching a feeder one hundred yards away. After the shot it made the recovery super fast. It saved me from having to keep rifle equipped with nightvision in use until it was time to shoot. I never used more than 1.5x magnification. Battery life was excellent with several hours of use each night for 9 days plus play time showing fellow hunters how it worked.

Rocksprings, Tx.


when it works, its awesome


i absolutely love it but find it to be very temperamental. sometimes it works great, others not at all. Im ordering the lens pen in hopes that maybe its just dirty. if someone at Leupold has a fix for me, let me know

Maryland, United States

Meets My Needs For Now. A Few Glitches.


I night hunt hogs in Central Florida. I use an AR-15 SBR with red dot, PVS-14 Gen-III, and Suppressor. Gen III night vision alone doesn't expose hogs when they are laying in tall grass, walking behind tree groves, or standing still in brush. This unit exposes them in a big way. I use red when I hunt. The heat signature is bright against the background. You have to learn how to point at the field and limit the sky or tall tree line. I use the 1X and only 1.5X when I need. I don't need to see their tails at 50 yards, only the fact they are there. I can tell a coyote from a hog, from a deer at 50 yards. After knowing they are there, the NV finishes the job. I noticed a few glitches with my unit. Every few minutes I get a blue flash of light covering the lower 50% of the screen. Even while using red. The unit makes a noticeable clicking sound every 15 seconds... Sounds like a mechanical shutter. The image gets grainier before the click, then gets smoother afterwards. I have also noticed (even with fresh battery) the unit shuts down randomly without my fingers or hand being anywhere near the power button. That's annoying... One more thing, when scanning slowly across the fields, the image seems to freeze then catch up to where I am looking. All in all, it does the trick for me. Got 6 hogs I would not have seen before I walked up on them and scared them. I will order a Thermal weapon site next after seeing what thermal can do. The PVS-14 has a short recovery time before you can see your next target. Not so with thermal. I hope this helps.

Tampa, FL, United States

Great Device


I'm in law enforcement office and this a great device to keep handy. I have used it a couple times in the field and it's been great at locating individuals.

WV, United States


Not great but not bad at all


I bought this to aid in tracking game. I have found that for hunting skunks around the place it is awesome!! I can set up and watch a hole at night. I can see the difference between house cats and skunks in the dark. When the skunk is in position for a shot I turn on the light and shoot the skunk. Works awesome.

Idaho, United States


Changed night hunting tactics for hogs


Have had the LTO for about a month and taken it on two night time hog hunts, both successes due to the LTO. If used within it true limits, it is a great tool. I feel comfortable using it to locate suspected game out to 200 yards, then making positive identification with a quality green LED hunting light. It takes some time to get familiar with the heat sources it is detecting. With time, the more I use it, the better I am getting at interpreting what it is actually detecting. Did use on one hog kill, to locate the kill, once it ran into the wood line. Could not find it with a quality light, but the LTO quickly found the downed animal. Overall, I really like it.

Shreveport, LA



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