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Leupold Rifleman Scope Rings

Leupold Rifleman Scope Rings


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Leupold Rifleman Scope Rings -The Leupold Rifleman scope rings are precision-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum to provide the necessary strength and recoil resistance without adding excess weight to the rifle.

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Leupold Rifleman Scope Rings -Extremely affordable and exceptionally well-made, Leupold Rifleman Rings are precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for exceptional strength and lighter weight.

  • Precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Exceptional strength
  • Lighter weight

Good quality


Bought these to replace the rings that came with a Simmons scope. The Simmons rings did not fit the factory Ruger 10/22 mount. These rings fit the Ruger mount perfectly. I am very happy with the Leupold Rifleman rings.

Blacklick, OH, USA


No Torque Specifications


Why is there no torque specifications for the mounting screws and cap screws in the instructions ? I thought Leupold was better than that!



Nice video


Easy to follow instructions. Perhaps a safe inspection showing the rifle has been unloaded, prior to any discussion or technical demonstration.

Green Bay, WI, USA


Vision is good up close and scope works well


Good rings for all purposes and mounted well on my Weaver base for my Savage 93f.



Great Rings, unknown height


Got the #55870 today. They're great rings, fit perfectly and are perfectly finished. I use them on a 10/22 and appreciate the light weight. But the listed height dimension is misleading. The 1.147" - .500" means they are .647" from the bottom to the bottom of the scope tube...but the problem is that the bottom of the rings are not down on the receiver, they are held up by where the groove sits on the mount. I carefully measured the scope, rings and mount on the gun now to determine what rings to order for my new scope. Because the rings aren't down against the receiver the scope sits quite a bit higher than I wanted. Unfortunately, the next lower size (medium) is 1/4" lower and that is too much; the scope will hit the barrel.

New Mexico, USA


Perfect except you have to buy your own tools to u


Why put an Allen wrench in the box if it doesn't fit??????????

Charleston, SC, USA




I installed these on a Remington 504 17 Mach2, a Remington 504 22LR LSHB, and a Remington 700 Tactical in 223. Easy installation, add virtually no weight, maintain perfect zero, and they look great.

North Little Rock, AR


first problem ever


I always use leupold mounts on all my guns, this is the first time I have ever had a problem. I reworked it but I wanted you to know. the tapped holes on the bottom piece, were not tapped on one side, ti was the same side on both rings, I had a 8-32 tap so I was able to tap them and go ahead and use them but thought you would want to know. I will still use your mounts. It was the 1-inch medium matte 55860

Hanover, IN


Quality,Affordable Cross Slot Design


These Rifleman scope mounts work well.The ones I've installed on some of my hunting friends rifles are holding zero without any peening or swagging (this occurs often on cheaply cast brands).Never have had to retighten,or have the screw holes strip out.4 stars for quality of manufacture.For me personally,I always use steel rings and bases,but can find no fault with these aluminum mounts.5 stars for value.




4.0 9


Item # Height Finish Diameter Brand Price Order Online
1412894 High Matte 1" Leupold $17.99
1103618 Medium Matte 1" Leupold $17.99

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