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Leupold 2pc Base
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Leupold 2pc Base
Comments: Leupold Mounting System Guide.

Leupold 2pc Base

Sale: $17.97 - $34.99
Reg: $27.99 - $34.99

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Leupold® mounts are every bit as rugged and dependable as the Leupold optics they're intended to secure. With a huge variety of mounting systems, you're sure to find the perfect match for you firearm.

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Leupold® mounts are every bit as rugged and dependable as the Leupold optics they're intended to secure. With a huge variety of mounting systems, for nearly every type of firearm under the sun, you're sure to find the perfect match for you firearm, and your style of shooting

  • Machined steel construction.
  • Versatile, available for many different rifles.
  • Forward part of the base accepts a dovetail ring, locking it solidly into position.
  • Rear ring is secured by windage adjustment screws.
  • Long Range STD mounts provide a 20-
  • Reversable Front Mount (RVF)
  • Reversable Rear Mount (RVR)

"LEUPOLD" > STD Winchester 70 RVF/R 2-pc


I have the (Leupold) STD Winchester 70 RVF/R 2-piece mounted on a .300 Winchester Magnum. Moved many rounds through the chamber and never any problems. Slight adjustment of the rear mount enable one to move the scope inline for better adjustment. Mating the aforesaid product is the Leupold 49901.

Naples, Florida


Pure garbage


Made the mistake of ordering these on line from Gibbs Rifle Company. The rear ring rattles in the mount. When you tighten the screws to stop it, they want to push the ring out causing it to twist putting torquing the scope. Bad design. Now I'm out 100 bucks.



I have been using Leupold bases since 1977


The Leupold STD and Torx bases are outstanding. I recently got a new Browning X-Bolt rifle and picked up these Leupold bases. A+

Council, ID




I have put leupold mounts on more than 16 rifles, and they are without a doubt the best.

West Columbia, SC, USA


Redesigned windage screw slot w / T-15 - Not good


At first I thought it was a clever idea, in short order, however, I learned a T-15 with a near 1/16 inch slot cut through the middle of it, leaves no room for error, especially when you try to achieve the recommended torque of 45 in lbs. After mangling the T-15 pocket, on both sides – I resorted to the old standby to finish the job. To that I would say, if it's not broke don't fix it - but you broke please fix it. Two (2) suggestions, and the first being my preference: 1) Lose the T-15 and widen the slot to the old design (feel free to warranty to me 2 new screws like this in silver) or; 2) lose the slot, and go to a T-25 or larger. Never together, new wine in old wineskin sort of thing. Otherwise, I found the other improvements to be good; the pre-lubed dovetail on both base and ring, and the Nylok patch on the screw threads. And I'm ok with the Leupold "L" embossed on the top of the rings. Recommend inexpensive means to mounting a scope - don't bother with the T-15 in windage screws.

Michigan, USA


Most of the People most of the time.


I've been using Leupold mounting systems for over 40 years and have yet to have a problem. I have mixed and matched with other brands such as Milett for certain looks and applications but I have never had a problem with any of them. After reading review after review I have come to a very old but simple conclusion. "You can please most of the people most of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time".. No company or product is perferct. Sooner or later we will make an imperfection. However, if one wants to be perfectly honest they would have to admit that these guys come as close to perfect as you can get. I have never had to scratch my head to figure out how to mount the mounts or rings. They make it so easy a cave man could do it. As for tech support, they have a team that is second to none. I have found that if you are one of those individuals that is confused about how to install one of their mounting systems, maybe you shouldn't own a firearm or anything with a sharp edge. Just saying. So, all that being said and after insulting a few people, I give Leupold a 10. A 5 just isn't good enough. Thank you Leupold for all the years of great product and my many many thousands of pounds of game in my freezer over the years.

Pasco, WA, USA


Standard Leupold Mounts and Rings


I was looking for Kimber part number and got to reading some of these reviews. I have used these mounts/rings as well as others since I was 16.I am 55 now. I have broke one set at the rear in 39 years as well as the VXII 3-9 rear bell went flying. When the scope and rifle broke my fall(so to speak)elk hunting and I slipped from 10 feet up in a creek waterfall. Leupold replaced the rings/mounts and repaired the scope for a minor cost(relative). The windage screws on these are very valuable for centering a scope, before a adjustment knob is even touched. The front twist in dovetail secures the torque from firing while the rear keeps the scope centered. These set ups work fine on most rifles up to 375H&H and 458WM.I have owned them both.338WM has a sharper recoil(relative)Where I have not used these is in a application that requires a 20MOA rail or any Savage(without extended rings). Savage uses a long action I have found at least on my guns in Accustock LA or any of the Axis models. Savage should come with a Picatinny rail to space rings for scopes properly or notify buyers of their firearms. Some of the guns, these are on I have owned for 30 plus years and have kept zeroed.I just did a fact check and have them installed on 67 different rifles. Like the selection of rifles out there.This mount/ring system may not be for everyone. Now.Back to the Kimber mount.I just got the Hunter model in 7mm Ackley Imp.



Easy and perfect


Sometime ago I had picked these out to use on my Savage model 11 short action. However, I was given a set of rings and bases and didn't purchase these. Well, the lesser expensive set wouldn't stay tight and I couldn't get a zero. Guess what? I ordered this set and haven't looked back. With the help of Leupolds videos, I mounted the rings and bases without any trouble at all. They look great and they're perfect for my needs. They aren't expensive and I feel there's a lot of quality in the price. I've recommended these now several times to others.

Ohio, USA




All I use for all my mountings, never had any issues well made and always top notch

Edmond, OK, USA

Best ring and base system!


I own a gun shop and I have customers ask me everyday what I would put on my gun. I always have the same answer. Leupold windage adjustable base and rings. This is about the most solid set up that you can buy. I recommend them to everyone!




4.2 13


Item # Type Finish Brand Model/Fit Price Order Online
1112431 STD Matte Leupold Kimber 84 2004 and Newer $27.99
1112432 STD Matte Leupold Kimber 8400 2004 and newer $27.99
1198671 STD Matte Leupold Browning X Bolt $27.99
1198672 STD Gloss Leupold Browning X Bolt $27.99
1198673 STD Silver Leupold Browning X Bolt Sale: $26.97
Reg: $34.99
305293 STD Gloss Leupold Remington 700 $27.99
305294 STD Matte Leupold Remington 700 $27.99
305296 RVF Matte Leupold Remington $27.99
305298 RVR Gloss Leupold Win M70 Marlin XS7/XL7 $27.99
305299 RVR Matte Leupold Win M70 Marlin XS7/XL7 $27.99
305300 RVR/F Gloss Leupold Winchester Model 70 $27.99
305301 RVR/F Matte Leupold Winchester $27.99
305304 STD Matte Leupold Mauser FN/X $27.99
This item is currently not available online.
309112 STD Gloss Leupold Browning Micro Medallion $27.99
309768 STD Gloss Leupold Browning A-Bolt Sale: $17.97
Reg: $27.99
309896 STD Matte Leupold Browning A-Bolt $27.99
310403 STD Gloss Leupold Weatherby Mark V $27.99
310405 RVF Matte Leupold Weatherby Mark V $27.99
311030 STD Matte Leupold Weatherby Mark V $27.99
318643 STD Matte Leupold Savage 110-116 Round Receiver $27.99
1415947 RVF Matte Leupold Winchester Mod 70 $27.99

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