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Lee Powder Management

Lee Powder Management


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Lee Reloading Buyer's Guide

If you've decided that you want to begin reloading, then you've come to the right place. Lee Precision has made it easier and more affordable than ever to begin handloading your own ammunition. Sportsman's Warehouse is your premier source for Lee reloading supplies, equipment, and more.

Lee Precision has specialized in making the highest quality products at some of the most affordable prices in the industry since 1958, when Richard Lee invented the Lee Loader for shotgun shells. Since then, Lee Loaders have earned their reputation as reliable pieces of equipment. Lee has continued to hold this standard without wavering. Lee Precision is also 100% family owned.

Lee reloading supplies are all cast, machined, assembled, and manufactured in the United States. That way, you know when you buy a product from Lee, you're buying American, and helping to keep a friend or neighbor employed.

Any new product in the Lee reloading equipment line is held to an extreme standard before it has the opportunity to be introduced to the market place. Their commitment to quality and practicality is shown in a statement made on the Lee Precision website:

"Every Lee product must always pass the Lee three question tests:
  1. Does it fill a real need or is it better than any other product available?
  2. Can it be produced at an affordable price?
  3. Would I buy one?
A yes to all three is required before we introduce a product."

Lee has a reputation for backing its reloading equipment unlike any other manufacturer with standards such as a full two year warranty on every Lee product with a conditional lifetime guarantee. Lee makes their stance very clear with the Lee Guarantee. "Lee reloading products are guaranteed not to wear out or break from normal use for two full years or they will be repaired or replaced at no charge if returned to the factory. Any Lee product of current manufacture, regardless of age or condition, will be reconditioned to new, including a new guarantee, if returned to the factory with payment equal to half the current retail price!"

A full refund is available from all participating dealers if 100% satisfaction is not achieved within a 30 day period from the time you purchase your Lee product. Lee reloading dies are also "guaranteed to produce ammunition with less bullet run-out than any other brand. Ammunition loaded with Lee collet dies are guaranteed to shoot the smallest groups, even when matched against custom bench rest equipment!"

This claim may seem quite bold, however Lee can back up their statements with action. At one point in time, listed in The Guinness Book of World Records for more than seven years was a record based on ammunition loaded with a Lee loader. This goes to show the accuracy and quality of rounds that can be achieved with Lee reloading equipment.

Lee Precision has branded itself as a highly innovative company. Since their introduction into the reloading world with Lee reloaders, Lee boasts that nearly all modern-day reloading equipment has been designed and produced originally by themselves. This is including powder measures, presses, dies, priming tools, scales, bullet molds, turrets, scales, melters, lubricants, crimpers, trimmers, and many more accessories. Richard Lee has more reloading patents than anyone else in history.

Lee recently introduced their 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit in celebration of 50 years in business. This kit is still for sale today, and has changed the way people get their start in reloading.

Note: Reloading can be dangerous if not performed properly. Always wear proper safety gear, and follow instructions detailed in a reloading guide written by the manufacturer.

Lee Powder Management

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