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Lee Perfect Powder Measure

Lee Perfect Powder Measure



Lee Perfect Powder Measure - This measure is unique, because it solves all of the problems common to ordinary drum type measures.

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Lee Perfect Powder Measure - This measure is unique, because it solves all of the problems common to ordinary drum type measures.
It is a pleasure to use, not only because it is the smoothest operating measure ever made, but you have the confidence that your charges will be the most uniform possible.
LEE PERFECT POWDER MEASURE solves all of these problems
Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action
A soft elastomer wiper strikes off the metering chamber rather than cut the powder. You'll be surprised at how smoothly the rotor operates. More importantly, you will enjoy the most uniform of charges.
Stops Drum Binding
A nylon cone shaped drum adjusted to zero clearance. The more it's used, the more perfect the fit becomes. The nylon is self lubricating so it will never bind or wear out.
Meaningful Calibration
A micrometer adjuster that reads directly in cubic centimeters. Just multiply the charge in grains by the cc for one grain and you have the setting. So very much better than a meaningless setting as most supply.
'O' ring positively locks the adjustment and removes all end play.
The metering chamber is the proper size for large rifle charges and the strike off opening small enough to work well with pistol size charges. The Lee Perfect Powder Measure works fine for charges from two grains to over 100 grains.
Changing Powder is Fast and Easy
Rotate the hopper 1/4 turn to shut off the powder flow and the hopper can be lifted off. You can empty the hopper from either end. The valve is also a powder baffle which contributes to the unusual accuracy of this measure.
Stops Powder Bridging
Tapered drop tube quickly passes the powder without bridging.
Optional Universal Charging Die makes the case operate the measure. Includes adapters to fit almost all cartridges.

Smoothest Operating Measure Ever Made
Eliminates Cut Powder and Jerky Action
Stops Drum Binding

meh, but works


My normal is simple single stage use. The lee perfect powder measure does great for stick powders, but not so great for ball or flake powders. The ball and flake powders tend to leak around the drum and are off. Stick powders have been super accurate across the board. I still prefer my lyman for ball and flake powder

Bozeman mt


Excellent tool


I have never had a problem with accuracy. Like most Lee products, it is the best buy for the money. However the product description says it is built to never wear out. I take exception to that. After about 20 years of use, mine has begun leaking around the drum. I am getting ready to buy a new one, in hopes that it will last another 20 years.

Cheyenne, WY


Lee Perfect Powder Measure


Very satisfied with this product. The Quality is and the price was excellent. It is a little touchy to set until you get the hang of it.

Sparks, NV

Lee Perfect Powder Measure


I don't think 'perfect' accurately describes this measure. I mean, it works, and does its job just fine, but it's not perfect. I measure about every tenth load or so just to make sure it's on track. Sometimes it takes some minor adjusting a few times during a load session. Still a good measure, just not 'perfect' like it says.

Ogden, UT


4.0 4


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