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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning
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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning
Comments: Click here to see just how easy it is to set up your Canvas tent.

Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning

$499.99 - $649.99

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Kodiak Canvas 4 Season Tent with Awning- Deluxe Flex-Bow Model Tent that is sure to provide you with the best possible comfort.

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Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning - Just because your camping doesn't mean you have to rough it. If you are serious about the outdoors, it's time you have a serious tent. The Kodiak Canvas deluxe canvas tent loaded with all the best features. The Flex-Bow Frame is exceptionally sturdy. The frame keeps the tent taut and it is quick and easy for one-person to set-up. The Flex-Bow Rods are manufactured by 3/8", solid, spring steel. Wall poles are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel 1" tube uprights.

This tent stands up to wind and snow (Not designed for heavy accumulations of snow). The floor is manufactured from a super-duty, polyester reinforced 16 oz vinyl. Top-rated YKK nylon coil zippers with durable nickel sliders are used throughout the tent. #10 zippers on the doors and #8 zippers on the windows and vents. Kodiak Canvas tents feature Hydra-Shield Canvas that is made with a superior, marine-grade, 100% cotton. It is a custom woven and treated canvas ideal for the purpose of premium tent making and it is double-fill (two threads twisted together for superior strength, durability, and a very tight weave). It has a silicone, dry-finish treatment that is watertight, breathable, and durable. It also resists mold and mildew. What does this mean? You will stay dry, even in a downpour! It's okay to touch ceiling and inside walls during a rainstorm. This canvas does not leak or wick water. Unlike synthetic fabrics, or canvas with a paraffin or oil-based treatment, our canvas is breathable! This allows water vapor to escape, minimizing condensation, humidity, and mugginess.

Simply put, you are more comfortable. Unlike canvas with paraffin or oil-based treatments, you should rarely, if ever have to retreat the canvas. Hydra-Shield's silicone-based treatment is durable and very long-lasting. The canvas is strong and durable. It will hold up to the elements, and long outlive tents made with inferior fabrics. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Ceiling material 10 oz. hydra-shield canvas
  • Wall material 85 oz. hydra-shield canvas
  • Floor material 16 oz. vinyl polyester reinforced, seamless
  • Frame 1 in., galvanized, steel tubing
  • Flex-Bow Rods: 3/8-inch, solid, spring steel.
  • All-season: Use year-round, but not designed for extreme winter mountaineering or heavy snow accumulations.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty.

Love this Tent


Bought this tent 3 years ago for camping and hunting in the Gila National Forest around Snow Lake area. Have had several cheap tents from the major discount stores...Didn't want another one of those. Decided on the Kodiac and sure happy we did. Easy to put up. Very roomy inside. Stands up to rain and wind very well...Have had people walk into our camp and ask what kind of tent this was. I think once you take a good look at these tents they will speak for themselfs. I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat !!

Las Cruces, NM


Great Tent (owned 5 years)


I've owned the 10x10 version of the tent for 5 years and it has stood up perfectly. I've used it every fall for elk camp for the past 5 years in Utah at 9500 ft ... goes up two weeks before opening day (to secure my site) and stays up for through bull elk season. So, has gotten 4-5 weeks of exposure (ranging from a couple of feet of snow to heavy winds/rain). It has stood up perfectly without leaks. I also normally do a cow elk hunt in late Oct/early Nov in southern Utah also 9500 ft -- tent goes up for a 1-2 weeks then with some exposure to rain, wind, and snow. We've also used it for multiple summer camping trips in Utah and New Mexico. Weather is pretty dry with lots of sun exposure. The tent has to be the easiest tent I've ever owned to put up/take down ... the hardest part is driving in all the stakes around the base (ensure you have a heavy mallet). But, it's much quicker than other tents. Care-wise. Sweep the tent out before taking down. When I get home, I'll un-pack and spread the tent out to ensure there is no moisture. The quality of the tent is 5 star. The canvas is thick/heavy duty and even after 5 years of use. It has never leaked. I can touch the walls during a rain storm and water won't leak through. The YKK zippers still work perfectly. The flooring is thick and has also stood up (I do put a tarp under the tent). The poles and stakes are heavy duty. For a canvas tent, the price is a great value. It should last a life time if you take care of it. Cons (minor in my opinion): - it is a heavy tent ... 65lbs -Takes bit of strength to get the final side poles (because you're stretching the canvas). I can do it by myself ... but, my wife would need help - Awning will collect water during a rain storm. I solve this by angling one of the awning poles so there is a downward slope to the awning to let the water run off. I've also heard folks add a taller pole in the center of the awning ... I haven't tried that since my method works.

Park City, UT


Best bad weather tent


After 5 years of ownership this tent never ceases to amaze me. 2 years ago I purchased a small camper and my 3 children sleep in a tent. I was reluctant to let them use my kodiak tent after they went through 3 tents in the last 2 years but I couldn't afford to spend another 150 on a tent that would rip out the stake loops or break tent poles on a windy day so this season I broke down and started taking the kodiak for them. Labor day weekend proved it well worth it at 10:30 at night the kids came frantically knocking on my camper door because there was water under the tent. So I went out to inspect the damage only to find the tent sitting in 6 inches of water yet still completely dry inside. Other tents at my campground were blown over or sustained water damage a few people lost awnings we happily had no damage all weekend. This tent is built to a quality no light weight tent can compare to. I have never owned a tent that was so reliable I can get back to what vacation is suppose to be about, relaxing.



10x10 Kodiak Tent


There are some things this tent are NOT: A tent for backpacking; free standing; small; nylon; designed to use a wood stove. On the other hand - This is a solid tent. Handles all the weather encountered over three years from deserts to mountains and in between. Very comfortable with chair, table, rug and cot with still plenty of room to hang out. Easy to set up and strike with a tent bag that makes so much sense it is strange other canvas tent makers haven't copied it. A buddy heater is all that is needed to nock the chill off and with a means of circulating the air it is very warm. Ventilation is excellent. The awning is usually set at an angle when raining and there have been no problems. No leaking, sweating or waking up wet from condensation. The foot print is large but not overly so for the amount of space provided - well worth it to be able to stand up and walk around inside. A ground tarp and a small piece of carpet at the entrance make clean up easier since this is not a tent to lift up and shake out. It takes as long to stake it out as to set it - which is pretty quick for any tent, especially canvas. The construction is solid, the design is well thought out and the value great.

The West


Great buy tent weight 55.2 lbs


Tent weights 30.5 lbs and the stakes weigh 24.5 lbs. Its a 55 lb tent altogether. I love this tent.



my home in the wilderness


I am retired and spend two to three weeks at a time in different wilderness areas in the west. I love this tent, takes me about twenty minutes to set up by myself, (I'm 67 yr old with three hip surgeries) during rainy days I just stay dry inside the tent and read or ???? I have been in snow for three days, rain storms, death valley wind(sand storms) and have stayed very comfortable. I travel year round.

northern california

Best tent money can buy for car campers.


This tent came highly recommended and it was worth every penny. The first time I set this tent up was in the dark. Did not get to our campsite until late. I typically do a dry run with my equipment but just ran out of time. It was so easy to set up. Took me 20 mins on my first try in the dark with my boy holding the flashlight. During the day its up in 10 mins. Second time we took it out it rained every night. Not a drop entered the tent. We took it out again a couple weeks ago and received inch and a half of snow. Again the tent kept us dry and warm. This is an awesome tent. It is heavy so it is only practical for car camping. Now that my boys are getting bigger I am going to buy a second one. If taken care of I see this tent lasting for many years to come.

Queen Creek, AZ


Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning


I am amazed at the easy set up and take down of this tent. My son and I camped during deer season with temps dropping below freezing. We used a small heater and stayed very warm. I would have never expected the 10 x 14 tent to fold up into the carrying case but it did very easily. The tent held a full sized bed frame and mattress, all of our hunting gear, and had plenty of room to spare.

Corbin, KY

Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 4 Season Tent with Awning


I have been in Scouting for over 15 years and having gone through many tents over the years. I was looking at replacing our family tent. I was going to go back to Spring Bar but, a follow Scouter had told me about the Kodiak. That was over 5 years and probably over 60 nights of camping in it since. My family and I still love it. The quality has been great and have slept dry in snow, downpours and 80 mile per hour wind storms. It is still going strong. I would get it again if something ever happened to this one.

Bountiful, UT

Kodiak Canvas Tent


This is an awesome tent! It is roomy enough for two cots and a couple of small children. If you didn't have the cots, it would easily handle six adults or two adults and 4-6 children. The tent stakes are excellent. About 1/4" in diameter and about 18" long. We pounded them in to ground with a lot of rocks and didn't bend any. With the screens open, airflow was great and the attic vents really helped. I really like the little storage pockets it comes with that you can hang in different places to hold your stuff. The storage bag seemed weird at first, but I really ended up loving it. After the tent is all rolled up, you lay it on the storage bag and kind of fold the bag around the tent. It had enough room for us to lay a tarp (purchased separately) on top and roll it up with the tent. It all fit in the bag perfectly. The shade over the front door is a bit low, but if you duck, it's no problem. We bought the 10' x 14' and it was definitely worth the extra hundred bucks to get 40 extra square feet. It got pretty windy when we were out last time and it held up beautifully. It didn't rain, but we had a heavy dew but the inside of the tent wasn't even moist. Never had a tent that wasn't damp inside in the morning. Overall, excellent buy.

Rexburg, ID


4.8 44


Item # Weight Center Height Size (H x L x W) Sleeps Brand Price Order Online
1127466 73 lb 78.0 6 ft. 6 in. X 10 ft. X 10 ft. 6 Kodiak Canvas $549.99
1152707 82 lb 78.0 6 ft. 6 in. X 10 ft. X 14 ft. 8 Kodiak Canvas $649.99
1394336 58 lb 73.0 6 ft. 1 in. X 9 ft. X 8 ft. 4 Kodiak Canvas $499.99

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