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Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Gram Insulated Hiking Boot

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Gram Insulated Hiking Boot


Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Gram Insulated Hiking Boot - 10 inch Mountain Extreme 400 is made with a one piece vamp of 2.8 mm top grain leather on top of stiff nylon midsoles with high traction K-Talon outsoles.

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Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Gram Insulated Hiking Boot - A serious boot for rugged terrain, the new 10 inch Mountain Extreme 400 is made with a one piece vamp of 2.8 mm top grain leather on top of stiff nylon midsoles with high traction K-Talon outsoles. Waterproof, breathable Windtex membrane and 400 grams of Thinsulate Insulation keeps you warm and dry. Sure to become your favorite boot due to its awesome support, what will really surprise you is just how lightweight and comfortable they are. 4.2 lbs.

  • 2.8 mm top grain leather
  • Stiff nylon midsole
  • High traction K-Talon outsole
  • Waterproof, breathable Windtex membrane
  • 400 grams of Thinsulate Insulation
  • Style: KE-420-400

Great hunting boot


I wear these from 50 degrees down to 25 while walking, spent miles through a foot of snow and my feet stayed dry and warm. I had to special order a wide and half size larger, but kenetrek customer service suggested it and they were spot on. If the foot doesn't fit your foot correctly, your going to get blisters, call as and ask before buying, it will save you In the long run.

Upstate NY / Maine / Las Vegas


Blister maker


I have over 400 hard miles in these boots. Stiff boots are great for carrying a heavy pack, but absolutely suck when trying to stalk and animal. Kenetrek stretched the heel for me but it only helped a little. Everyone I know that has bought these love them, until you put a heavy pack on and climb miles uphill. When someone tells me they have hundreds of miles on them and no blisters, I take them out to the mountains and without fail they get blisters. When most say 10 miles they are lucky to have hiked 1-2 miles! I have been backpacking for 47 years. 20 miles is an easy day if I am just backpacking. There is no reason for a modern quality boot to weigh so much. To prevent blisters in these boots I have to Use moleskin and duct tape before hiking. 2 pairs of socks counting your liner sock. I have switched to danner boots for hunting. Absolutely no blisters with only 1 pair of socks and no moleskin. And they are quiet and reasonably priced. Less than 1/2 the cost of kenetrek.



I would not recommend this boot.


This would be a great boot for a tree stand or road hunter. Boots are very stiff and heavy and if you are someone who hikes in miles from any road then look else where. Because the are stiff, they are noisy.

Las Vegas


Awesome boots


I went elk hunting in the High Cascades in Oregon and I hiked around thirty mile in wet and 12" of snow. They were great from day one dry and comfortable and worth every penny.

Albany Oregon


The most expensive hunting boot doesn't deliver


Wore these boots a lot all over the world probably have around 200 miles in the cause blisters and cramping like you would not believe still have the problem after all the miles, and terrible customer service and warranty. It would be wise to find another boot I would expect more from the most expensive hunting boot.

Divide, MT


Okay lightweight hunting boot


I live and work in 2 pairs (I alternate them) of 15 year old WESCO Firestormers. I have done quite a bit of backpacking and light mountaineering in a 20 year old pair of Gronells (6"). I do all the maintenance that is appropriate replace / repair soles, heels, hooks, eyelets, insoles, etc. My Gronells look like they were made by the same cobbler as my Kenetrek MEs. The Gronells are shorter and uninsulated but still outweigh the Kenetreks by several ounces. The main difference is the weight of the leather. The leather on the Mountain Extremes is much thinner than on any of the other boots mentioned. This results in a boot that is much easier to break in. It also results in a boot that is less supportive and less water resistant. Thicker leather holds more wax. I hunted pigs and deer at Fort Benning in 2015 wearing my WESCOs (one pair only) and the leather was dry after five days. I just returned from an eleven day Kodiak hunt where I wore my MEs where the leather was wet in four days. The were quite cold when wet. On both hunts my boots were more in the water than out. On the Kodiak hunt I wore Swiss army issue gaiters (the best); on the pig hunt I bloused my pants. On Kodiak I was usually under a moderately heavy pack. Both my WESCOs and my Gronells have served me better under a load. My Kodiak hunting partner wore a 5 year old pair of Mountain Extremes. He also is an equipment maintenance stickler. He declared that his boots are in their last year of service. The leather is cracking in the flex areas and the rand is starting to separate. To gauge how much he's worn them, the original sole is about half gone. In summary, this is not a bad boot if you are in the market for a very lightweight hunting boot and the extreme conditions you anticipate don't include a lot of water or a heavy pack. I would not expect theseto do heavy duty jobs as well as heavy duty boots. If I had the opportunity to trade my Mountain Extremes in for a pair of Mountain Guides, I'd do so.

Gold Hill, OR


They leak


They leaked after 2 seasons. I sent them back and they insisted there was no problem. I put them on the shelf for a year then put them back on the following season. They leaked, again. I sent them back again and this time they found the leak. Kenetrek repaired them but we will see if it lasts. I'm into these things around $500 from all the shipping costs. If they leak again I'll burn them!! I will say the ankle support, traction, and weight of the boot is 5-stars. But I need dry feet. Western Washington is wet.

Western washington


Best boot ever!


Purchased these boots for a hunting trip to Kodiak. Way more than I normally would spend on a boot, but worth every penny. Required very little break-in time. These are heavy boots, but the great arch and ankle support make it worth it. We hiked up very steep terrain for 9 hours a day, for 5 days. This included deep, wet marshy areas where I was sinking up above my ankle. I did have on Kuiu gaiters to help keep out the water. My feet stayed dry, and the inside of the boots were completely dry. We were in a heated cabin at night so the outside of the boots were able to dry each night.

Clayton, CA


Worst boots ever!


The only thing good about these boots is they are built like Fort Knox. But they are heavy, cause horrific blisters. I have over 300 miles on these boots and they still cause blisters. Several friends bought them at the same boot sale and they quit wearing them, same problems. If you hunt in a blind, tree stand or flat terrain by them. But if you hunt in wicked steep terrain miles from your vehicle, look for another boot!

Las Vegas


Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Hunting Boots


I purchased the Mountain extreme 400 they broke in easily for me. I used them all of 2014 in some hardscrabble very wet terrain and I liked them so much that I bought a non insulated pair for early season hunting. My conclusion is they are worth every penny I paid.

Poulsbo, WA


3.9 19


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