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    Choosing The Right Kayak Fishing Boat With Chad Hoover

    Kayak Fishing 101: Getting Your Feet Wet

    Kayak fishing is a great way to work two sports into one and add a little extra spice to your kayaking or fishing experience. These two sports go great together and allow you to fish in areas that you might not have thought of fishing in before. Since a loaded kayak will float in six inches of water you'll be able to explore areas that you'd never fished before. But before you head out you'll need to make sure that your kayak is outfitted with the proper gear. Otherwise you might find yourself having a tough time keeping track of everything. Read More ...

    Kayak Setup

    You don't need too much gear to get started with kayak fishing, but there is some gear that will really make life easier when you're out on the water. First thing you'll want to have with you is a good rod holder. This way you can get your rod in position and not need to worry about losing track of it. Secure mounted rod holders work the best but do require more installation work and will be bolted or riveted to your kayak.

    Next, you'll want to bring along a small anchor for those times when you've found the perfect fishing hole. Don't get anything over three pounds as space is limited and you'll need all the room you can spare. Folding anchors work best for kayak fishing as their design allows them to fold up when not in use which makes them super portable. Claw anchors are also very popular as they work well even with the softest of bottoms and you'll know that they'll keep you right where you want to be.

    Finally, in addition to the items listed above you'll want to have a good paddle leash, if you don't already have one. This is a must for kayak fishing; you don't want to be that guy that gets so into landing a fish that you end up without a paddle. Paddle leashes are exactly what they sound like: a leash for your paddle. That fish you just caught isn't going to do you much good when you realize your paddle is floating three hundred yards down stream. Once you have your paddle leashed you wont need to worry about losing it and being the laughing stock of your buddies.

    There are hundreds of other items you can use to outfit your kayak for fishing. If you're new to the sport try just using the basics and add to your rig as you go. You don't need to spend truck loads of money to get started, just be sure you have some of the items listed above as well as a kayak, fishing gear and a life jacket. Remember, when you add more gear you're also adding weight and bulk to your rig. Try to keep things light, but add what you need.

    Kayak Fishing Basics

    Put Your Gear on Lock Down: It seems like a pretty straight forward idea, but you need to make sure that everything is locked in tight before you launch your kayak. If your kayak gets flipped or you knock some of your gear overboard inadvertently while casting you don't want to have your whole tackle box sinking down below you. Use bungees, hook and loop tape or whatever other fastening device you can think of to make sure that your gear isn't going anywhere. This is especially important if you're new to kayaking, you might not be as well balanced and stable which mean you'll be more likely to flip. Launching your boat will also become more of a challenge as you have added weight and bulk from gear spread out across your kayak. Be sure to try to balance your gear and get whatever is heaviest toward the center of the boat; this should help to stabilize things.

    Bring a Friend: If this is your first time kayak fishing, try to find someone who has been there before. Having a friend come with you who has already worked their way through all of the pitfalls of kayak fishing will be a tremendous help. They'll be able to field any questions you have in the moment and will be able to give you an example of how to do things right the first time and what gear has worked best for them.

    Be Safe: Anytime you're out on the water you need to have safety as your number one goal. Always wear a life jacket. Period. There are life jackets that are made specifically for fisherman and give you the extra room and comfort you need when you're out paddling. During the summer months it's also extremely important to stay hydrated while you're out on the water. Wearing extra fishing gear only adds extra bulk and heat so keep the drinking water close. If you're new to kayaking, then it's a good idea to take a paddling safety course to get yourself more acquainted with paddling techniques and safety. Finally, don't ever let a piece of gear or a fish come between you and your safety.