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Johnny Stewart Diaphragm Predator Call

Johnny Stewart Diaphragm Predator Call


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Johnny Stewart Diaphragm Predator Call - The new line of Diaphragm Predator Calls from Johnny Stewart features Premium Flex™ frames for consistent stretch and sound and high-quality Infinity Latex® for durability.

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Johnny Stewart Diaphragm Predator Call -
  • Bawl Babies. Three reeds with a unique horseshoe cut produce coyote and fox puppy cries, along with coon kit cries. The call can also produce other distress cries that will get the attention of any predator.
  • Rabbit Frenzy. Two-reed design has a 45-degree cut that produces high-pitched young cottontail rabbit distress sounds.
  • K9's. Three-reed design with a fang-shape cut easily reproduces raspy cottontail, jack rabbit and raccoon distress sounds.
  • Ditch Tiger. Two reeds with a special "cat ears" style-cut create bobcat-in-heat vocalizations, meows and other feral cat sounds.
  • Double Talk'n Dog. Two reeds produce coyote howls and barks, as well as animal distress sounds

  • Premium Flex frames for consistency
  • High-quality Latex for durability
  • Two reeds produces coyote howls & barks
  • Other animal distress sounds

Item # Brand Model/Fit Price Order Online
1420387 Johnny Stewart DIA-5 Bawl Babies $5.99
1420393 Johnny Stewart DIA-6 Rabbit Frenzy $5.99
1420396 Johnny Stewart DIA-7 K9's $5.99
1420397 Johnny Stewart DIA-8 Ditch Tiger $5.99
1420399 Johnny Stewart DIA-9 Double Talkin Dog $5.99

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