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JB Lures Hot-Flash Spinner Rig 940 Series

JB Lures Hot-Flash Spinner Rig 940 Series


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JB Lures Hot-Flash Spinner Rig 940 Series -This series uses an all-new #4 Red Premium hook; this hook is very sharp and has excellent plating.

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JB Lures Hot-Flash Spinner Rig 940 Series - The “Hot-Flash” blade has a unique “swimming minnow look”. To create this blade they started with a hammered blade and by not painting the bottom 1/3, a hammered nickel or gold effect is still maintained on the “front” of the blade which also created a swimming “tail” effect . Then they added a very attractive two-toned look to the front of the blade. The darker colors are at the “top” of the blade while a prism “eye” is applied so that a “head” of the minnow is created. Finally a coat of glitter is applied to simulate the scales. They then cover the entire blade with a coat of epoxy to enhance the colors and protect the finish. When you see the blade in the water you will agree that it looks uniquely like a “swimming minnow”. Like all the"Hot-Flash" Spinner Rigs they used 42" Team-Fish Camo 12# Test, and on the #940 Series is a #4 Colorado Blade.

  • #4 Red Premium hook
  • 42in Team-Fish Camo 12lb test
  • #4 Colorado blade
  • Unique JB paint style

Item # Color Model Brand Price Order Online
440995 Hammered Gold-Orange-Black 944 JB Lures $1.89
440999 Hammered Gold-Chart.-Orange 941 JB Lures $1.89
440998 Hammered Nickel-Chart.-Green 942 JB Lures $1.89

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