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Hornady Custom Grade Rifle Reloading Dies
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Honrady Custom Grade Rifle Reloading Dies
Comments: Reloading is all about control. The patented Hornady® Lock-N-Load technology offers complete control, allowing you to change dies and begin loading another caliber in seconds.

Hornady Custom Grade Rifle Reloading Dies

$36.99 - $79.99
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Hornady Custom Grade Rifle Reloading Dies - The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension 2-Die Set is a great die set for the avid reloader. 

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Hornady Custom Grade Rifle Reloading Dies - This die set includes a Custom Grade New Dimension (CGND) Full Length Sizer Die and a CGND Seating Die. The Full Length Sizer Die features a Zip Spindle, with a series of light threads cut on the spindle and spindle collet. This eliminates spindle slippage, and makes tightening the spindle lock a breeze when making adjustments. The floating bullet alignment sleeve and stem in the CGND Seating Die improve bullet seating and accuracy by pre-aligning the bullet and case before seating. The seating die also applies a roll crimp to secure the bullet in the case. The CGND die set comes packaged in a plastic storage box, and includes two Sure-Loc rings.

  • Custom Grade dies
  • Advanced reloading dies
  • Titanium Nitride sizing die
  • Zip Spindle design to reduce slippage
  • Elliptical expanders
  • Sliding bullet alignment sleeve
  • Built in crimper
  • Features Hornady's No-Risk Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard 7/8"-14 thread that works with all reloading presses that take standard dies

Item # Caliber Brand Price Order Online
1301789 .17 HORNET Hornady $36.99
1378862 6.5 CREEDMOOR Hornady $36.99
1163824 .308 WIN Hornady $36.99
1163827 .223 REM Hornady $36.99
1163830 .204 RUGER Hornady $36.99
1163833 .30-06 SPRINGFIELD Hornady $36.99
1163840 .243 WIN Hornady $36.99
1163843 .22-250 REM Hornady $36.99
1164039 .45-70 GOV Hornady $44.99
1164040 .300 WSM Hornady $36.99
1164045 .300 WIN MAG Hornady $36.99
1164049 7MM REM MAG Hornady $36.99
1164051 7MM-08 REM Hornady $36.99
1164055 .375 RUGER Hornady $36.99
1163846 .270 WIN Hornady $36.99
1471213 6MM CREEDMOOR Hornady $79.99
1492054 6.5 PRC Hornady $47.99
1493319 6.5 GRENDEL Hornady $36.99

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