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Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning Kits

Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning Kits


Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning Kits - Some of the most popular kits, the Summer Sausage kit will surely be a favorite to you, your family, and your friends! - If you decide to share!

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Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning Kits - Seasons 30 lbs of meat. Kit includes 2-4.2 oz cure packets, 2-10 oz seasoning packets, 10 Mahogany casings and instructions. Homemade sausage is a delicious and healthy alternative for sausage lovers and another great way for hunter's to enjoy their harvest. Hi Mountain's sausage seasonings are the perfect answer to eating your favorite sausage without the guilt.

  • Seasons 30 lbs of meat
    Kit includes 2- 4.2 oz cure packets
    2- 10 oz seasoning packets
    10 Mahogany casings and instructions
  • Flavors: Original, Jalapeno, Cracked Pepper 'N Garlic and Hunters Blend

I've been using Hi Mtn. For years.


I smoke mine after adding a little A1. All friends say, best they ever had. Even better then commercial brands.

Smith Mountain Lake,Va.


You will be amazed at the flavor!


Did my first 3lb log last night following the directions that come the kit. I used local made 93/7 grind ground beef and did the oven method. I stuffed the casing by hand and kept twisting it to pack the meat into the case used a remote probe thermometer to hit the target temp of 156F and it turned out fantastic! 20 bucks for the seasoning, cure and cases is a a steal!



Absolutely Amazing Kit!


I tried this summer sausage kit for the first time. Mixed about 80% venison to 20% pork butt. Smoked it for about 4 hours. The taste, the texture, the coloring, all were perfect. It made some "legendary bologna". You can't go wrong with this kit, and I will be using one every year now for sure! Look no further than Hi Mountain products for amazing results.

Perry County PA


Outstanding Results


Tried this for the first time this after after so-so results last year with a kit from another company. Used 22 pounds of venison and 8 pounds of pork butt. Turned out awesome and plan to use it again next year. Guys from work plan to use it as well after trying the sausage I made.

Des Moines, IA


Great Taste !!!!


I had 7 lbs of Antelope parts and 10lbs of Wild Boar parts added 10 lbs of cheap greasy ground burger ran it all through my meat grinder two times followed the package instructions. Three and a half hours in my Coleman 710 smoker. This kit made the most outstanding taste and texture sausage I have ever made. THANKS

Reno Nevada


Hi Mountain Summer Sausage Seasoning Kits


Tried the hunters blend summer sausage. Beast summer sausage I have ever had. It started a stampede at work.

Forest, VA


5.0 6


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