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Havalon Replacement Blades

Havalon Replacement Blades

$6.99 - $18.99

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Havalon Replacement Blades -Keep your Baracuta and Piranta knives sharp and working at optimal levels with these replacement blades.

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Havalon Replacement Blades - Havalon's most popular surgical-edge skinning and fillet blades. The blades are "crazy sharp" and have the extra durability of stainless steel! The #60 fits the Piranta knife, and also the #8 and #74 surgical handles. The #127XT fit all Baracuta Knives. The #115SW3 Bone Saw Blade fits all Baracuta Knives.

  • Fillet pack comes with 5 blades
  • Skinning pack comes with 12 blades
  • Baracuta Bone Saw Blades come with 3 Replacement Blades

Item # Size Model Brand Design Price Order Online
1257561 12 Pack Skinning Blades Havalon Folding $6.99
1257563 5 Pack Fillet Blades Havalon Folding $15.99
1396056 3 Pack Saw Blades Havalon Folding $18.99

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