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Guns Gong Crazy AR500 Kit

Guns Gong Crazy AR500 Kit



Guns Gong Crazy AR500 Kit - The Guns Gong Crazy AR500 targetcomes with custom 10.9 class steel hardware kits and a carry handle. They are specifically cut and designed to take the high-end abuse of a handgun, rifle or shotgun. This top-of-the-line steel is safe and durable, providing years of enjoyable target practice.

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Guns Gong Crazy AR500 Kit -The AR500 is the strongest and most affordable type of steel, designed for severe extremes. It's understood that steel is only as good as the design of the product so Guns Gong Crazy has created advanced targets that do not use clamps to tie critical pieces together, as this creates fragile seams. The last thing a consumer wants to think about is how a bullet will react if it meets unpredictable damaged steel. The incorporated advanced safety targets are designed to hang at angles, forcing bullets to ricochet towards the ground.

  • High Grade Steel
  • Designed to take the high-end abuse
  • 10.9 class steel hardware kits
  • Carry handles and shoulder straps
  • 18" x 3/8 " Gong
  • High Visibility Yellow Power Coating
  • Portable and fun
  • Kevlar Straps, never break another chain again!
  • Angle of deflection to help reduce ricochets
  • Magnetic reusable target stencil and paint
  • Windage flag and pole w/magnetic base
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Simplicity
  • Loud report

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