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G5 Montec Broadhead

G5 Montec Broadhead


G5 Montec Broadhead - The Montec broadhead's fool proof design combines tough one-piece, all steel construction with 100% Spin-Tested accuracy.

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G5 Montec Broadhead - The Montec broadhead's foolproof design combines tough one-piece, all steel construction with 100% Spin-Tested accuracy. With no components to assemble or replace, simply screw on and shoot. This simple to use, high performance broadhead is what every hardcore hunter is looking for.

  • 100 Percent Steel Tough
  • Cut on Contact Design
  • Diamond Cut Sharpness.
  • One-Piece construction
  • 100 Percent Spin Tested

work great , just don't miss


fly great , accurate , kill good . however if you miss or shoot thru the animal and impact the ground or wood basically anything hard the blades/arms snap off like they were made of plastic , 2 of 3 broke on 2 rabbits .

corvallis oregon


not impressed.


Threaded part that screws into insert will snap right off if you put a little tension on them.

Kanab Utah


G5 Montec Carbon Steel Broadhead


Great broadhead, tough, sharp, and accurate. Harvested my Bull elk this September at 52 yards and had a complete pass through. I wont shoot anything else.

Williams, AZ

G5 Montec Broadhead


These rugged broad heads are dependable and strong. They work very good on elk. One thing nice about these broad heads is you can resharpen them with G5s sharpening stone. This last hunting season i shot an elk at 54 yards and it did a complete pass through and it went probably 35 yards and died.

Battle Ground, WA

G5 Montec Broadhead


Best broadhead on the market. Razer sharp with awesome pentration.

New Virginia, IA

G5 Montec Carbon Steel Broadhead


"Pilgrim We Got Ourselves an Elk to Skin" That is what this Montec delivers. Use the practice Montecs to sight in your bow and its no excuse and no worries. Shot a Mature 6X6 Bull and he dropped after 40 yds. Going to resharpen that Head and sling it again next year. If your debating Mechanical vs Fixed then you are thinking to hard. Use the K.I.S.S. method and you will have one less thing to worry about. Good Hunting...

County 10, WY

G5 Small Game Head


Great for squirrel, rabbit, opossium and stump shooting. Puts them down, keeps them down.


G5 Montec Carbon Steel Broadhead


Right out of the box these broadheads are extremly sharp. The fly really good and does not plane.Makes a great hole in the animals.

Mckinney, NV

G5 Striker Broadhead


The positives of these broadheads are that they have replaceable blades, very little tuning, flies like a fieldtip, and have over 1" of cutting diameter.

Chattanooga, TN

G5 Montec Broadhead


This is a solid product, they fly similar to a field point, have a cut on contact design, can be sharpened on a flat stone. The one piece design makes it a very durable and strong broadhead. I live in an area of large bodied big game, I can count on this broadhead to humanely and ethicly harvest moose to grizzly bear.

Fairbanks , AK


4.7 18


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