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Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18 inch

Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18 inch



Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target- The Black hole has been totally redesigned to have premium performance without a paying a premium. It offers both broadhead and field point shooting.

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Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target- The layered system in the Black Hole Archery Targets utilizes friction to stop arrows. The four sided shooting offers a more durable design. The front and back of the target can be shot with both broadhead and field point. The sides have a super durable woven polypropylene wrap that can be shot with field points only.

  • 18in model dimensions 18inx16inx11in
  • 4 sided shooting
  • Both broadheads and field points
  • Easy arrow removal

Arrows go right through it


The arrows go right through it unless you're shooting one of the sides with field points.

Laramie Wyoming


I would buy this product agian


It's perfect for kids bows and it's big enough to see and shoot it's a wonderful target



Great for lighter lbs. bows.


I'm a new shooter shooting a PSE Fever set at 35 lbs. and it's GREAT for this lighter poundage! Shots as close as 10 yards don't even come close to going through it, while my field points will still penetrate and hold my arrows in place at 50 yards. (sometimes they bounce off the heavy bag target at that range. LOL) It's very easy to pull arrows back out of too. I've got more than 800 shots into just one side now (yes, I count them) and it is still is stopping my arrows perfectly. BUT My husband can NOT use it with his bow set as low as 55 lbs. because his arrows bury in to the fletching and go completely through it with the higher lbs. bows if he's any closer than 40 yards. Bottom line, It's worth the money if you are only shooting lighter poundage bows. But don't even bother with it if you plan to shoot anything higher than 35 - 40 pounds. I do not leave it outside when not in use, so I can't tell you how well it holds up to the weather. But it's so light and easy to move that it's not a problem carrying it to and from the shelter.

Tucson, AZ


Good Target For Kids


I bought four of these targets for my grand kids. They work excellent for them. There bows range from 10# to 25# and are setting the target out to 20 yards. I have shot my 65 lb draw weight Hoyt at them at 40 yards and my arrow goes threw the target. They are light weight and easy for the younger kids to carry. Goods young persons target.

Cheyenne Wyoming




Shot at it three times. The first two buried the fletching and the third passed through. Bought it at Dunham's in Statesboro. Will be returning it. Will advise how that went.



Good for the youth archer.


Shot mine one time at 70lb draw weight with 70lb draw and shot straight through the target.... Returning tomorrow.

Estacada, OR




I am shooting 60 pounds 26 inch draw 380 grain arrow at 245 feet per second so not fast by any means and I broke an arrow because my arrow shot through the field tip only side and into a wood backstop that I placed there on the slight chance my arrows poked through the other side. Good for kids not for 50 pounds and up!



Poor quality!!!!!!


If you shoot it very often , it will be garbage within a week 🎯

Salem Ore


Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18 inch


Target is pretty good for the money. I have two. My wife's will last for ever with her 30# Diamond Infinity. Mine will probably be lucky to take 1000 shots from my 65# Diamond Core and I am good about rotating which dots I shoot. Target is super light and portable and does surprisingly well with the occasional broadhead. I will probably buy again if they go on sale for $30 again.

Lewiston, ID

Field Logic Black Hole Archery Target 18 inch


I have to agree with both of the previous reviews... It is a very decent little target, i've been shooting at mine weekly for atleast 2 months or so now and it's still fine and since the first time I shot at it my arrows were going threw the back by almost a full inch at 20 yards and im only shooting a 55# PSE. However as a begginer i do recomend it, it's very light weight and portable. But when i move up in weight i will be changing blocks for the fact i dont think it will hold up very well to a stronger bow as well. Overall its perfect for a begginer wouldnt reccommend for over 60# though.

Cleveland, TN


2.6 12


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