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Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammo

Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammo

$21.99 - $31.99
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Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammo -Personal defense situations aren’t planned. They happen without warning and are decided in a matter of seconds. Federal Premium handgun loads are the best around. They offer a full range of popular and effective loads to meet your specific personal defense needs.

Due to various state and local laws and regulations, Sportsman's Warehouse does not ship ammunition to CT, DC, IL, MA, NJ, and NY. Ammunition orders to Alaska and California may only be shipped to a Sportsman's Warehouse store for pick up by the actual purchasing consumer. You must be 18 or older to purchase long gun ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. Ammunition may only be shipped via Ground. You are responsible for complying with federal, state and local laws.

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Federal Premium Personal Defense Ammo -Protect your home and family with the most effective and reliable ammunition on the market.Federal Premium Personal Defense Handgun Ammunition has been proven to perform at its peak. Federal Premium handgun loads offer consistent expansion, optimum penetration and superior terminal performance. Hollow points won't plug while passing through a variety of barriers. Bullet jackets and cores hold together and have near 100% weight retention while penetrating even the toughest materials. These popular and effective loads trusted by law enforcement officers are now available for your specific personal-defense needs.

  • Revolutionary Bullets
  • Best in the Industry Brass, Primers, and Wads
  • Stringent quality control and outstanding accuracy and ballistics
  • Bullet styles include HST®, Hydra-Shok® JHP, JHP and NyClad HP.

Item # Type Model Caliber Grains Pack Qty Velocity Brand Price Order Online
318159 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P32HS1 .32 ACP 65 20 925 fps Federal $23.99
This item is currently not available online.
304496 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P357HS1 .357 MAG 158 20 1240 fps Federal $27.99
304502 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P38HS1 .38 SPL +P 129 20 950 fps Federal $23.99
304507 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P40HS2 .40 S&W 155 20 1140 fps Federal $22.99
304508 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P40HS3 .40 S&W 165 20 980 fps Federal $22.99
304506 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P40HS1 .40 S&W 180 20 1000 fps Federal $22.99
304511 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P45HS1 .45 ACP 230 20 900 fps Federal $23.99
304530 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P9HS1 9MM 124 20 1120 fps Federal $21.99
304531 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P9HS2 9MM 147 20 1000 fps Federal $21.99
304027 Hydra-ShokŪ JHP P10HS1 10MM 180 20 1030 fps Federal $31.99

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