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Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Block

Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Block



Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain - Deer Co-Cain is a beneficial mineral supplement that attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer.

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Evolved Habitats Deer Co-Cain Block - Time Release Block: Place one or two blocks in an established Deer Co-Cain or other mineral site to provide months of attraction without having to return to the site. To establish a new site, place one or two blocks in the middle of a bare spot, 4' in diameter. Rainfall will be needed to activate the site, allowing the minerals to fully leach into the ground.
For Instant Results... Use in combination with Deer Co-Cain Mix or Deer Co-Cain Liquid.
Once you have established your site with Deer Co-Cain Mix, use our Deer Co-Cain Time-Release Block to keep your site active for a whole season. Try our Ready-to-Use Deer Co-Cain Liquid to activate or reactivate mineral sites quickly and easily. Deer Co-Cain Gel can be used to coat anything from logs, bare soil and mixed with corn or grain.
Remember... Deer will create a large wallow and all of the vegetation in the area of an active Deer Co-Cain mineral site will be eaten or destroyed. Therefore, choose your supplemental site carefully and allow for a total active site diameter of 10 feet.

  • Deer Co-Cain will drive your deer crazy, as they lick, paw, knew and mark the site
  • Time Release Block
  • 4 Ibs

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