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Evolved Habitats Deer-Co-Cain Black Magic

Evolved Habitats Deer-Co-Cain Black Magic



Evolved Habitats Deer-Co-Cain Black Magic - With more minerals and flavor attractants that requires no mixing and begins working instantly. Black Magic starts immediately releasing magical vapors to lure deer into the beneficial mineral.

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EH Deer-Cocain - Once you have seleted your site, remove all vegetation from the chosen site area approximately 4 feet in diameter. Once the ground is cleared, rake the soil to loosen and make a slight depression in the site so that it will hold some rainfall, making runoff less likely. Spread the contents of this bag over the site area. Do not cover the Deer Co-Cain "Black Magic" minerals and attractants.
Reapplication: Once deer have begun actively consuming the minerals you can reapply but not sooner than 30 days after first application. Normally, you would not need to reapply for at least 60 days. If over applications are made to the site, deer will stop using the site until some of the minerals leach out of the site. Once you have established your site with "Black Magic," use our Time-Release Block to keep your site active for a whole season.
"Quick-Start" Directions - No Mixing Required: Select your mineral site area.Remove all vegetation in site area down to bare dirt (approx 4' circle).Spread the entire bag of "Black Magic" evenly over the site area.
Picking the right spot to make a supplemental site is very important. Deer instinctively want to conceal themselves from predators, therefore we recommend finding a shaded area on the edge of a deer crossing where deer normally conceal themselves. Choose a site at least 10 feet off of normally active deer trails. Keep in mind that heavier clay type soils will hold the minerals for a longer period of time, whereas the sandier soils tend to have the minerals leach out a little sooner. When possible, make supplemental sites near an available water source.
Remember. Deer will create a large wallow and all of the vegetation in the area of an active Deer Co-Cain "Black Magic" mineral site will be eaten or destroyed. Therefore, choose your supplemental site carefully and allow for a total active site diameter of 10 feet.

  • Deer Co-Cain Black Magic immediately attracts deer to your site.
  • During every season of the year due to it's powerful mineral and flavor attractants
  • Put out "Black Magic". keep it active and immediately start patterning deer to your supplement sites
  • You'll quickly discover the magic of the Deer co-Cain "Black Magic" formula that drives deer crazy to consume minerals from your

Evolved Habitats Deer-Co-Cain Black Magic


This product works for preseason scouting. This doesn't only work on deer but occasionally attract the Elk too.

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