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Eskimo HC40 Propane 10in Power Ice Auger

Eskimo HC40 Propane 10in Power Ice Auger



Eskimo HC40 Propane 10in Power Ice Auger - The Eskimo High Compression Propane auger was designed as both lightweight and powerful and gives the angler the reliability they expect from Eskimo augers.

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Eskimo HC40 Propane 10in Power Ice Auger - Extremely powerful, lightweight and a clean burning engine is almost to much to ask for from a ice auger. Not for the new HC40 Propane Ice Augers from Eskimo. Clean burning and low maintenance is the name of the game for ice anglers that choose to use the Eskimo Propane Augers while out ice fishing. The higher compression ratio creates more power of the smaller package which is what the Eskimo engineers were aiming for when designing the new propane ice augers. Use both the power and reliability of the Eskimo HC40 Propane augers to create your holes in the ice and allow you opportunity after opportunity to catch fish.

  • Auto prime fuel system
  • Precision transmission offers optimum gearing
  • Qunatum auger
  • Quantum 10inch blades
  • Runs on readily available 1lb propane cylinder
  • Blade protector included
  • Minimal emmisions
  • High compression 40cc 4-stroke engine
  • Quick release bottle holder
  • All ball bearing transmission
  • Auger length: 42in
  • Handle design: Foam grip
  • Starter handle: Mitten grip
  • Weight: 34lb
  • 2 year limited warranty

Great Machine


I agree with Franck from Casper, what knuckle head at Eskimo was field testing this thing, the dang tank clamp never worked strait out of the box!! Other than that this thing is pretty amazing. I had an old Jiffy 30 that I used for 30 plus years and it finally gave up last year. I really like this new auger, it's not a speed demon but then again I don't get in many drag races on the ice. It bores a good straight hole at a moderate pace with very little down pressure needed. It starts if you even breathe on the pull handle and is super quiet. The first time I used it was at Avery Lake outside Meeker, Colorado and it sat in the back of my truck overnight, it was -23 degrees when I got to the lake and after screwing on the frosty bottle of propane it took only three pulls to get it purring. Hopefully this will be the last auger I have to by and get me through the rest of my ice fishing years, but Eskimo surely needs to hire a better person to design bottle securement, the bottle has never fallen out so I don't even know if the dang latch is necessary or perhaps Eskimo knew the bottle wouldn't fall out but had to add a "Safety" latch to get the dang thing to pass production requirements knowing we would just cut the dang thing off once we realized it was not needed?



Love it!


Drills a nice 10" hole in reasonable time with minimal counter-twist torque. The propane fuel is great, no mixing gas and worrying about gummed up carburetor. My only issue is the clamp that hold the propane bottle in the carrier will NOT clamp around a bottle. It's too small. To turn the unit off you have to turn off the fuel valve. I didn't like it at first, but i'm fine with it now. It would have got 5-stars if they would have actually tried to clamp a propane bottle in the carrier.

Casper, WY


4.0 2


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