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Emotion Kayaks Stealth Pro Angler Sit on Top 11 ft Kayaks

Emotion Kayaks Stealth Pro Angler Sit on Top 11 ft Kayaks


Emotion Kayaks Stealth Pro Angler Sit on Top 11 ft Kayaks - Designed and engineered for the serious angler fishing for the “best catch” in the market, the Emotion Stealth Pro Angler will provide you with an affordable yet fully loaded fishing kayak.

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Emotion Kayaks Stealth Pro Angler Sit on Top 11 ft Kayaks - Emotion Stealth Pro Angler will provide you with an affordable yet fully loaded fishing kayak. The adjustable seating system is comfortable, highly breathable, and fast drying. It allows for three settings; high for active fishing mode, low for paddling, and reclining for when you want to kick back and relax. Our adjustable foot braces allow you to further dial in your comfort level for paddling with ease. At 11'8" in length and boasting 375 lb of weight capacity, the Stealth Pro consists of a Combination Tunnel Hull which is designed to aggressively cut through the water while gradually transitioning into a tunnel hull for tracking performance. The tunnel hull also provides maximum initial stability for fishing and stand-up casting. If you’re seeking even more control on the water, the Stealth Pro™ is adaptable for an after-market rudder system. Six linear feet of customizable YakAttack GearTrac allows you to add a variety of accessories to personally tailor your kayak. The Stealth Pro is truly fishing ready right out of the box with 2 Flush Mount Rod Holders behind the seat, 2 Flambeau Tackle Boxes with built in slots next to the seat to stash your favorite lures, and 2 angled rod storage cradles with a bungee rod tip protector at the bow. The front oval hatch includes a rubber seal making it water resistant. Seven self-bailing scupper holes are integrated into a deck channel draining system to quickly shed excess water. Portage is not a problem with sturdy molded-in bow and stern handles and two luggage style handles on either side of the kayak. The tankwell was specifically designed to accommodate a milk crate or bucket and the adjustable bungee lacing system allows you to maximize the use of your storage area. The Emotion Stealth Pro is truly worthy of leading the series of Emotion Stealth fishing kayaks and promises to offer ambitious anglers the best value in the kayak fishing market.

  • Length: 11 ft 8 in
  • Width: 32 in
  • Deck Height: 12.5 in
  • Weight: 86 lb
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 375 lb
  • Rear Storage Capacity: 3.5 sq ft

I love it, I hate it!


I bought this kayak almost 2 months ago. I have been out on it pretty much every weekend since i purchased it. I am torn on how to rate this kayak, i love it, I hate it! On the water it performs awesome! I float rivers bow fishing for 6 to 8 hours and i don't get uncomfortable at all. I've been on big open water with big boats and it never gives you the sense of flipping. In short it is solid and comfortable on the water, and for a bigger guy of 250 lbs and over 6 foot, that was what I was looking for. I love the versatility that the rail system gives me. I can be set up with multiple fishing poles, or bow fishing mounts, or both. It moves with ease on the water and with openness of the cockpit area you can set in multiple positions. It is also really easy to get in and out of. It really is a great boat, that you are not in a hurry to get out of. Unless of course something breaks.... Now for the not so good. The seat, although very comfortable, is very cheaply made. I have not been able to set up at the higher position as the ends of the metal poles are cut too short and they just slip out of the locks. Last night the dang thing just broke, and now i am with out a seat! They use very, very cheap plastic at crucial points in this chair. Every place there is plastic on this chair I have experience failures, i.e. end caps and t-couplers. If this kayak didn't perform so well on the water i would of rated this thing with zero stars, for quality defects. The Dry storage area is useless. Mine leaks and having read other reviews this seems to be a common thing. I knew that this was a possibility so i just use a dry bag. HOWEVER; Unless you are out on the lake with other kayakers there is no way you are getting inside that thing while on the water without flipping. And on a side note, if you flip this kayak everything you have with you will end up at the bottom of the lake. I had to go diving for my bow and fishing poles, fun times! So even though it is stable you can flip this kayak, in my case the flipping was my own stupid fault and not something to ding in a review for. So if you like to take things on the water, like snacks, phones, fishing tackle boxes. Be aware if you flip its either safely in the useless dry box or in the lake. For the price you pay for this kayak over the others, you would think you were buying quality. ESPECIALLY the seat, as it is kind of the focal point on this boat. Come on Lifetime!

Farr West, Utah

Amazing kayak


I bought one for me last year and another this year for my wife! These kayaks are amazing!! I've added a few additions to them to customize my fishing experience

Riverton, Utah


I love this Kayak


It's bigger than your standard Tamarak but, as a larger individual, I needed a fishing kayak with a bigger weight capacity. This one handles my size just fine, plus offers a lot of the features of higher end fishing kayaks, at a lower cost.

Salt Lake City, UT


for the money its hard to beat


this kayak tracks well has plenty of storage and sports all day comfort . But it has its downfalls it takes on water through the paddle straps the seat is a bit narrow for its mounts and some of the screws are stripped from the factory. All of these things can be fixed very easy by someone with the skill needed to make the repairs/mods. And in the end it makes for a very nice kayak. On a side note it is a heavy kayak so carrying it any distance may pose a problem. Had this kayak not needed any repairs/mods out of the box it would have scored a five star rating from me.

roanoke va



4.3 4


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