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Easton XX75 GameGetter Aluminum Arrow 6 pack

Easton XX75 GameGetter Aluminum Arrow 6 pack


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Easton XX75 GameGetter Aluminum Arrow 6 pack- This classic aluminum arrow from Easton has been part of many successful hunts. The surface of the GameGetter contains EasyOut, an alloy surface that provides easy arrow removal.

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Easton XX75 GameGetter Aluminum Arrow 6 pack- The micro wall of 7075 aluminum alloy has a more consistent spine, straightness, and weight and most all carbon arrows. The EasyOut Alloy surface provides easy arrow removal from even the toughest targets.

  • Guaranteed straightness ±.003 inches
  • Weight Tolerance ±1.25%
  • Hard-anodized finish
  • Strength 96,000 psi
  • Made of 7075 Alloy
  • inches long
  • 11.7 grains per inch

Great Arrows, but incorrect nock installation


I love these aluminum arrows, but all 6 arrows came with the nocks installed 90 degrees off. Normally the odd fletching is supposed to point outward, but if you were to nock the arrow onto your string, the odd fletching would point upward because of the way the nocks were installed. It even shows the incorrect installation in the product picture! Other than that, the arrows were perfectly fine, just be ready to adjust all of the nocks.

Keyport, Washington


Easton XX75 GameGetter Aluminum Arrow 6 pack


These are excellent little arrows , shoot straight and hold up to abuse that a carbon arrow could not handle, these guys are great for hunting and target practice !!! They are a real bargain ..

Richland, WA


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