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    How to Select a Compound Bow

    Shooting a compound bow might be the most exhilarating feeling in sports. Whether you’re on a hunt or taking aim at targets, releasing an arrow provides an adrenaline rush that’s nearly unmatchable. Of course, you’ll need to find the right fit for your needs.

    The right compound bow for you is dependent on your body type, shooting style, and setting. Sportsman’s Warehouse offers the top selection of brands, including Bear Bows and Diamond Bows, for any occasion. But, before you take aim at these top brands, you’ll need to understand what you’re looking for. So where do you start? That’s easy. Just like anything else, begin with the basics.

    • Ocular Dominance: Just like selecting a golf club or hockey stick, you’ll want to pick the correct compound bow for your dominant hand, or in this case, eye. The trick to determining eye dominance is by holding out your arms and placing your hands together via your thumbs and forefingers. Through the created gap, focus on one object. Now close one eye at a time while looking at the object. Your dominant eye is the one where the object does not appear to move.
    • Draw Length: Think of your draw length as your wingspan divided by 2.5. Measuring the correct draw length is imperative for selecting the correct compound bow — as this directly affects accuracy. Your draw is the space from the grip to the fully drawn bowstring. If you have too much draw, your shot will be off-target, and the string may slap against your arm, leaving a bad bruise.
    • Axel Length: This applies to the type of shooting that you’ll be doing. At each end of your compound bow is an axel that feeds the string for your draw. If the axels are far apart, the bow is better for shooting while standing or in open spaces. These compound bows are also more forgiving and better for long-range shots. Shorter bows are better for target shooting and tighter spaces.
    • Draw Weight: Comfortably drawing back your bow is an important step in shooting. This is in reference to a shooting position, as lifting the bow over your head can cost you the perfect shot. The average weight for compound bows is anywhere from 50 to 70 pounds.

    Finding a comfortable fit is the difference between coming home with a new trophy and coming home disappointed. As you gain more experience, you’ll learn your weight and length preferences. Tweaking these variables can help you become a more accurate and successful shooter.

    Why You Should Try a Compound Bow

    Aside from the fact that shooting compound bows is a load of fun, picking up the sport offers a bevy of benefits. Signing yourself — or your children — up for bow competitions is a great way to build camaraderie and hone your resolve in pressure situations.

    There is a greater challenge in pursuing your prey without the modern technology of high-powered ammunition. And, trying out compound bow hunting doesn’t mean that you have to give up gun hunting. You can even expand your hunting year by participating in bow season that focuses on White-Tailed Deer.

    There are other bonuses as well. Traveling far is often not a prerequisite for bow hunting because of the quiet and safe nature of the sport. Why travel miles just to shoot your gun when you can hunt in your back yard with a compound bow? Also, it is typically easier to acquire archery tags.

    Getting Started

    Now that you know how to select your compound bow, it’s time to pick up the sport. Measure your draw length and head to Sportsman’s Warehouse to get started. Choose from the best selection of compound bows as you prepare to bring down your next big prize.

    And, as always, ask our knowledgeable experts for all the compound bow advice you need before heading out for your first attempt. You’re sure to enjoy the most fun hunting season yet when you select from the best bow brands at Sportsman’s Warehouse.