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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Drop Jig
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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Drop Jig
Comments: Dave Genz with Clam Outdoors demonstrates the Tungsten Drop Jig in this video.

Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Drop Jig

$3.29 - $3.49

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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Drop Jig -This is the centerpiece of the Clam tungsten series, available in a variety of sizes and colors. Some tiny, some big enough to bulk up with multiple maggots, waxies or buggy plastics.

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Clam Dave Genz Tungsten Drop Jig -Take on anything, to monster crappies, bull bluegill, jumbo perch, even bass, walleyes and pike. Bulbous front, tapered back. Typically hangs at about a 45-degree angle, with a pivoting hook that finds the top of fish mouths on the hookset. Made From Tungsten, 30% Heavier Than Lead.

  • Made from tungsten
  • 30 percent heavier then lead

Item # Color Size Type Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
1402623 Gold 12 Jig 9307 1/16oz Clam $3.49
1402624 Chartreuse Glow Orange 12 Jig 9308 1/16oz Clam $3.49
1402625 Glow White 12 Jig 9309 1/16oz Clam $3.49
1402626 Glow Red 12 Jig 9310 1/16oz Clam $3.49
1402627 Chartreuse Glow Blue 12 Jig 9312 1/16oz Clam $3.49
1402628 Gold 14 Jig 9313 1/32oz Clam $3.29
1402629 Chartreuse Glow Orange 14 Jig 9314 1/32oz Clam $3.29
1402630 Glow White 14 Jig 9315 1/32oz Clam $3.29
1402631 Glow Red 14 Jig 9316 1/32oz Clam $3.29
1402632 Chartreuse Glow Blue 14 Jig 9318 1/32oz Clam $3.29

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