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Clam Bigtooth Rig
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Clam Bigtooth Rig
Comments: Jeff Anderson demonstrates the Bigtooth Rig by Clam in this video.

Clam Bigtooth Rig


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Clam Bigtooth Rig -Highest Quality Components - Blood Red 3X Strong Trebles, Dependable Hand Crimped Construction, Attractor Beads & Blades.

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Clam Bigtooth Rig -Signature rig that launched the company. BigTooth’s Y-yoke design makes it easy to rig even large suckers (or other minnows) in a perfect horizontal swimming position, so they can move freely and react to approaching monsters.You know what comes next. Look away if you have to.

  • 7in Y-yoke wire
  • Original quick-strick rig for large predators
  • Presents bait in a natural position
  • Solid hook-ups
  • Highest quality components
  • Heavy-duty 45lb low-vis surflon coated stainless steel wire

Item # Color Size Type Model Brand Price Order Online
1402657 Red Holo #2 Lure 9494 Clam $5.99
1402658 Gold Holo #2 Lure 9495 Clam $5.99
1402659 Firetiger Holo #2 Lure 9496 Clam $5.99

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