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CVA Wolf .50 Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless
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CVA Wolf .50 Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless
Comments: Learn more about the CVA Wolf Muzzleloader

CVA Wolf .50 Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless



CVA Wolf .50 Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless -CVA’s new line of “Northwest Guns” offer all of the features that shooters love in our Wolf break-action models, while still meeting the open-breech/ignition requirements of Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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CVA Wolf .50 Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless - The CVANorthwest Ignition System features a modified version of our Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP) – the only breech plug that is completely finger removable even after multiple firings. This “NW QRBP” has four milled “windows” around the gripping surface, which renders the ignition “open to the elements” as required the muzzleloading regulations of these states. It also features an integral nipple designed for use with traditional Musket Cap primers, and the face of the plug is funnel shaped for more reliable ignition with loose propellants. Plus, a firing pin sized specifically for musket caps and a stronger firing pin spring provide fast and reliable ignition of the propellant charge.

  • Barrel Length: 24in
  • Bullet Guiding Muzzle
  • Ambidextrous Stock
  • Quick Release Breech Plug
  • Reversible Hammer Spur
  • CrushZone Recoil Pad
  • Overall Length: 39in
  • Total Weight: 6.25 lbs
  • Model-PR2113S

Bad musket caps


It is of my opinion that if anyone wants a very dependable front stuffer buy CVA. If a gun misfires continually change the musket caps and then decide if it's the gun or the caps. I have over 55 years of shooting and hunting experience.

Southern Oregon


CVA Wolf .50Cal Northwest Muzzleloader Black-Stainless


Purchased this last summer, to replace my old sidelock. Which never misfired but wasn't the most accurate rifle in the world. Took it out target practicing and it started to misfire (not firing caps). It would then fire on second or 3rd hammer strike. Thought this might be me so hunted with it and contacted BPI(CVA) they indicated I should return it. Prior to sending it back I decided to do a little test. Put 10 caps in and it mistfired on 2 of them. This was around Christams, so I sent it off. Got it back about 3 weeks ago and just got around to testing again. used 10 caps again and this time it misfired on 5 of them and one of those took 5 hammer strikes to get it to fire. Just contacted BPI again and they are sending UPS label to send it back again. While the paper work from the first time didn't show what they did, customer service indicated they replaced the action when I called. Love the gun, but now have no faith that it will go off when I need it to.

Wenatchee, WA


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