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Burris Fullfield TAC30 Rifle Scope with Fastfire II Red Dot Sight Combo

Burris Fullfield TAC30 Rifle Scope with Fastfire II Red Dot Sight Combo



Burris Fullfield TAC30 Rifle Scope with Fastfire II Red Dot Sight Combo - In this combo package, you get the great TAC30 1-4x24mm riflescope and the Fastfire II Red Dot Sight. The best balance in tactical shooting. For fast target acquisition, there is a

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Burris Fullfield TAC30 Rifle Scope with Fastfire II Red Dot Sight Combo - One of the most versatile red dot scopes on the market, the Fastfire II, sits on top of one of the best valued riflescopes, the Fullfield TAC30. The combination of fast target acquisition and medium to long range shooting can be achieved in this combo.

  • 1-4x24mm
  • Nitrogen filled tube
  • Waterproof
  • Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Posi-Lock locks reticle in place
  • Ballistic CQ Illuminated Reticle
  • Matte color
  • FOV: 100 low - 32 high
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4 inches
  • Overall Length: 11.3 inches
  • Weight: 17oz

Best Choice


Best bang for the buck. No issues with this scope. Glad that I got it.



Best Bang fo your Buck


I have been shopping around for a quality scope. I didn't want to pay an enormous amount for a scope. After shopping around I found this Burris TAC30 and to my surprise it had everything I wanted. This is by far a superior quality made scope at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this scope.

Monroe, NC, USA


Great optic but...


The tac30 1-4x24 is a great optic with awesome glass and I love the reticle but I really wish it came with caps and a mount

Megargel, TX, USA


Nice Reticle


The scope and reticle is perfect form my 9mm carbine.

Alabama, United States


I do not recommend this scope.


Bought this for my AR 50 Beowulf. Mounted it carefully. Before shooting I checked out the illuminated reticle feature. With the battery in and a push on the rubber button the reticle lit up at a bright setting. With additional pushes on the button (as directed) the reticle would not dim or brighten. Holding the button down as directed the reticle would not shut off. Had to remove the battery to shut the reticle down. Called Burris and I have to ship it to them for possible repairs.They already sent me a different rubber push button but it did not fix the problem. I have lost faith in this product and Burris only offers a potential repair. If they fix it I wonder how long the repair will last ? Burris will not refund or exchange.

Helena, Montana

Great SHort to Medium Distance Scope


I have had this scope for almost two years now, and am generally very happy with it. I find the sight picture is easy to acquire, and the optical clarity of the glass is quite good. It's also good and sturdy - being knocked around doesn't seem to bother it. I find the reticle easy to acquire and use, and love the fact that it is etched, so you don't lose it when the battery dies (as it inevitably will, and at the worst possible time). One tiny niggle though is the illumination brightness adjustment. I seem to have trouble finding the same setting from use to use. I would have preferred a conventional rotary switch, with markings so I could find the same setting over and over again.

Wellington, New Zealand


Love the optics


I really like the reticle on this scope. You can illuminate it in low light or use it in daylight without illumination. When it is on 1x it works like a red dot site in that you shoot both eyes open and center the circle. The fastfire isn't needed however when purchased together it is a good value and can be used on another weapon.

Texas, United States


Looks great, feel great.


Haven't mounted it on the Tavor yet but that's what it was bought for.



Great scope!!!!


Got this for last Christmas and put it on a week ago took to the range ( back deck ) 4 rounds later and the tac30 and fast fire was sighted in and my 12 year old daughter loves it absolutely enilalated the target/Miller lite can @ 40 yards. Great little battle sight. If you haven't done the 27 meters sight in I recommend trying it. Do so research on it works great for a battle sight.

Arkansas, United States


Very low power


Bought this for my AR and it's basically useless past 50 yards. I can shoot better with just basic sights so don't waste your money. This is nothing more than a weak scope that looks really cool

Fort Worth, TX, United States



4.3 43


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