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Burris AR-536 Rifle Prism Sight
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Burris AR-536 Rifle Prism Sight
Comments: Burris Optics tactical shooting solutions.

Burris AR-536 Rifle Prism Sight



Burris AR-536 Rifle Prism Sight - This 5x prism sight will aid in long range shooting out to 600 yards. The multi-coated lenses and Ballistic CQ lighted reticle give the shooter long range precision with a bright, crisp sight picture.


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Burris AR-536 Rifle Prism Sight- This tactical long range sight is great for tactical weapons or competition. The three reticle colors red, green, and black have 5 illumination settings to create the perfect brightness or color for the target background. The 36mm objective and multi-coated lenses create a bright, crisp optic. And at 5x the shooter will be able to engage targets at out to 600 yards.

  • 5x36mm
  • 3 reticle colors
  • 5 levels of brightness
  • Multi-coated lenses
  • Integrated lens covers
  • Mount to AR carry handle
  • Picatinny rail mount brackets
  • Ballistic CQ lighted reticle
  • Long range aim points by reticle
  • Matte finish
  • 2.5 - 3.5 inch eye relief

Very easy to use


Put this on my LWRC and was really pleased with the overall outcome. My only regret was not shopping around for a better price. Now I know that I really overplayed for this even though it came with a Fastfire 3.



Lighter than expected


I have several different types of sights on my rifles ie. Aimpoint, Sig Sauer and Nikon. This particular sight is lighter weight and it has more features and more options and more options than any other ones I have. I haven't done anymore than mount and boresight it. If it holds up to .308 recoil I will be pleased.

South Carolina


excellent sight


bought this a little over a month ago and very happy with it. crystal clear and great reticle.

Sparta, NC, USA


CANTED reticle fix- DIY


To all the complaints about A CANTED reticle, you see those two tightening knobs on the left of your mount? Get a wrench and actually tighten down on them. This fixes your canted reticle. It's by design. And I can see by Google's predictive suggestions when you start typing "canted reticle", that Vortex, Primary Arms, and ACOG users have also had this same problem. Those are all also Prism style scopes, meaning it's not the device, it's a user error when not mounting with enough torque. I'm also guilty, but upon seeing A BURRIS Rep's reply to another complaint about the CANTED reticle, I tried their suggestion, and it worked.

Visigoth battlefield


Sight broke first time out to the range


I received this scope as a gift. The first time to the range something inside came loose. I can hear it rattling back and forth. I'm dreading having to send the scope in for repair.

Seminole, FL, USA


Canted reticle when mounted on AR receiver


I'm not a stranger to Burris products . I use and have used them for a variety of hunting/recreational shooting needs, and have 3 other of their products on different firearms. As always great product . I was a little disappointed when I mounted my 536 to my flat to AR, and the reticle is canted to he left. After rechecking mounting screws to make sure everything was flush and retorqueing them to factory standards, and remounting it, it was still canted although not as much, but still noticeable. I rechecked everything again and even my flat top receiver to make sure that there were no burrs of machining problems . I remounted, retorqued nuts, and the reticle is still canted left. I will research this further, and / or contact customer services which has always been top notch when dealing with them in the past. The finish, the optical clarity , and quality of the scope is superb. Other than this one issue which I'm sure will be resolved by me or them, they have always done right by me.

Niceville, FL, United States


Short eye relief


Love everything but the eye relief. It's way to short for ar applications.



!?Not sure yet!?


Cannot get a group.. I'm unsure if it is the scope/ mount, or something else, but I can not get the rifle to group at all. The reticle could be loose and knocking around during recoil. Still evaluating.

CT, United States

Great for the price


It's built extremely well the only concern I have is that my sights are not level. Other than that it's great. I'm not sure if there is a recall on it or something I can do or not.

Shepherd America


Works great on my mini-14


I bought the AR-536 for my ruger mini-14 and it looks great on the rifle. Haven't had time to go to the range yet, but I'm sure it will do just fine.

California, United States



4.5 143


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