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Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner Wildeye

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner Wildeye

$3.99 - $5.29

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Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner - The patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist.

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Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner - The flash and action of these lures is truly legendary. The free-turning brass gear housed within the lure reduces twist and adds vibration as it rattles against the outer body. Machined brass main body with brass stamped blades. The patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes while virtually eliminating line twist.

  • VMC Hook-Extremely sharp for quick penetration
  • Perfectly tempered for strength
  • Brass Gear-Free turning, rattling when rubbing against the bell
  • Shaft-Stainless Steel
  • Main Body-Machined brass, Wildeye shiner printed finish

I had good luck using Blue Fox vibrex spinners!


My favorite spinner in fishing in Colorado for trout all the many years. Great lure to use in stteam and lake fishing during my lifetime living in the Rockies! The silver one is a good option at certain times!

Greeley, Colorado


Silver Salmon slayer


I knew nothing about this lure growing up in Georgia, but if you are headed to Alaska to fish for Salmon in the salt then this is the lure. In Valdez you can throw it out and use it like the spinner it is, or if you are on a boat put a piece of cut herring on there and jig it. You will limit out with this lure. We tried all the colors and the best one is the neon orange. Fish On!!

Fairbanks, Alaska


Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner Wildeye


I like using these for white bass on Utah Lake and in the local streams and lakes for trout. Use the silver on bright days. Use the gold on overcast days.

Orem , UT

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner


I've been using Vibrax spinners for years on steelies in northern California and Oregon rivers. They cast well and run true. Go with brighter colors on bright days and more subdued colors on darker days. You won't go wrong.

Redding, CA

Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner Painted


Works great in lakes in Utah. Been using it for trolling and haven't had any complaints.

West Jordan, UT


4.6 5


Item # Color Model Lure Wt Brand Price Order Online
411650 Silver Shiner 60-00-800IC 7/64 oz Blue Fox $3.99
411651 Gold Shiner 60-00-801IC 7/64 oz Blue Fox $3.99
411652 Silver Shiner 60-10-800IC 1/8 oz Blue Fox $3.99
411653 Gold Shiner 60-10-801IC 1/8 oz Blue Fox $3.99
411654 Silver Shiner 60-20-800IC 3/16 oz Blue Fox $4.19
411655 Gold Shiner 60-20-801IC 3/16 oz Blue Fox $4.19
411656 Silver Shiner 60-30-800IC 1/4 oz Blue Fox $4.49
411657 Gold Shiner 60-30-801IC 1/4 oz Blue Fox $4.49
411658 Silver Shiner 60-40-800IC 3/8 oz Blue Fox $5.19
411659 Gold Shiner 60-40-801IC 3/8 oz Blue Fox $5.19
411660 Silver Shiner 60-50-800IC 7/16 oz Blue Fox $5.29
411661 Gold Shiner 60-50-801IC 7/16 oz Blue Fox $5.29

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