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Berkley Trilene Sensation
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Berkley Trilene Sensation
Comments: Tournament anglers explain and show why they use Trilene Sensation line in this video.

Berkley Trilene Sensation

$9.99 - $11.99

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Berkley Trilene Sensation - Fish with the same great line that the Berkley Pro staff has been fishing with for over a decade now as it delivers the same extreme strength, sensitivity and control that it has been ever since it was first developed by the Berkley team.

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Berkley Trilene Sensation - Ultra sensitive for detecting the lightest of bites yet exception strength for reeling in those big fish, the Trilene Sensation fishing line gives complete control over the casting and handling of the fishing line with its outstanding low memory. Ever lost a fish from a knot loosening? The Trilene Sensation has excellent holding power that maximizes your knot and gives you better fish-fighting capability. Super thin construction that gives extreme strength-per-diameter, the Trilene Sensation series of fishing line is super flexible and manageable. Innovating the fishing line industry, Berkley uses a multi-polymer nylon formula for the Trilene Sensation fishing line that has less stretch and keeps its strength when wet.

  • Professional grade
  • Smaller diameter
  • Ultra sensitive
  • Exceptional strength
  • Smooth control
  • Maximum knot strength
  • High strength-per-diameter wet or dry
  • Low memory
  • Better knot holding power



    The strongest line I have used, Yet it has the low memory and casts great, Also lives up to The manufactures promises. Thank you Berkeley!!

    Clackamas river OR


    Berkley Trilene Sensation


    I have always trusted trilene xl casting lo vis green now I'll never go back since using sensation its even better more sensitivity during bite and exceptional strength absolutely no line twist or memory... Use it and you will also spool in this lo vis

    Chico, CA


    5.0 2


    Item # Color Length Model Weight Capacity Price Order Online
    1379863 Clear 330 yd 1313986 4 lb $9.99
    1379864 Clear 330 yd 1313987 6 lb $9.99
    1379865 Clear 330 yd 1313988 8 lb $9.99
    1379866 Clear 330 yd 1313989 10 lb $11.99
    1379867 Clear 330 yd 1313990 12 lb $11.99
    1379868 Clear 330 yd 1313991 14 lb $11.99
    1379869 Clear 330 yd 1313992 17 lb $11.99
    1379870 Green 330 yd 1313994 4 lb $9.99
    1379871 Green 330 yd 1313995 6 lb $9.99
    1379872 Green 330 yd 1313996 8 lb $9.99
    This item is currently not available online.
    1379873 Green 330 yd 1313997 10 lb $11.99
    1379874 Green 330 yd 1313998 12 lb $11.99
    1379875 Green 330 yd 1313999 14 lb $11.99
    1379876 Green 330 yd 1314000 17 lb $11.99

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