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Beast Ammo Beast Brass

Beast Ammo Beast Brass

$17.99 - $79.99

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Beast Ammo Beast Brass - Once fired indoor range brass. Beast Ammo brass is 100% load-ready. A great economical way to reload.

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Beast Ammo Beast Brass - Brass has been washed, deprimed, swaged, full length sized, trimmed, polished, and visually inspected. All brass is processed to SAAMI Specs.

  • A great economical way to reload
  • Once Fired Indoor Range
  • 100% Load Ready
  • Washed, Deprimed, Swaged, Full Length Sized, Trimmed, Polished, and Visually Inspected

Best brass!!


Hands down the best brass out there. Loads great and super shiny. Love it.

Knoxville, TN


Don't waste your money on this brass!


I took a chance on buying the 500 count 300 Blkout brass. I counted the brass and only had 460 in the container. I measured the cases with my L.E. Wilson case guage, over 3/4 of the brass was out of spec's. Over 150 were so stretched out, I had to cull it out. I don't know what was used to resize the case necks, but it took 5 times on the 300 pieces I decided to try to salvage to resize the brass to spec's. This has been the worse brass I have ever purchased! I hope your luck is better than mine. I will be contacting Beast Ammo to advise them of my issue with there brass. Don't waste your money on this brass!!!

Tracy, Ca.


Cleanest Brass around.


Loads easy and is super clean. My only complaint is they have been out of stock for a while. Hopefully the store will get it back soon so I can get some more.

Wilmington, NC


Great Brass. Loads very well.


Without questions, the best brass I have ever purchased for reloading, and I reload a LOT! There were a couple dings and scratches, but overall very happy with the quality. After all, it's once-fired, so I realize it's not new brass and is reflected in the price I paid. Overall, great quality brass for a good price. I will buy again.

Lansing Michigan


Would recommend


I purchased a 100 count bag to test out the brass and couldnt have been more pleased. I went down and picked up a 500 count jug and am glad i found a new source of brass for reloading. Primer pockets were swaged perfectly and the sizing was extremely consistent. I tried to pick up another jug at my local store but they were all sold out. I cant wait to try other calibers.

Meridian, Idaho


Don't waste your money!


I bought a 500 case bucket of these, and have nothing good to say about them other than I hand counted the bucket and it came with 517 pieces. I would estimate at least a hundred were deformed, some we're cracked or split, and a few still had primers that hadn't been punched out. I took a handful and measured the case lengths, nothing matched. Super super disappointed in this product, especially for the cost.

Reno, nevada



3.7 6


Item # Caliber Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1491321 .223 REM / 5.56 500 Beast Ammo Inc $79.99
1491322 .223 REM / 5.56 100 Beast Ammo Inc $17.99
1491323 .300 AAC BLACKOUT 500 Beast Ammo Inc $79.99
1491324 .300 AAC BLACKOUT 100 Beast Ammo Inc $19.99
1491325 .308 WIN / 7.62mm 250 Beast Ammo Inc $79.99
This item is currently not available online.
1491326 .308 WIN / 7.62mm 50 Beast Ammo Inc $17.99

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