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Bass Assassin Walleye Turbo Shad

Bass Assassin Walleye Turbo Shad


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Bass Assassin Walleye Turbo Shad - Make sure you have the right weapons when going out against those big toothy fish. The Walley Assassin Turbo Shad has the right chemistry between fish attractant and super soft plastic to ensure you'll catch big fish.

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Bass Assassin Walleye Turbo Shad - Designed similar to other popular baits and lures the Walleye Assassin Turbo Shad continues the excellence that anglers have come to expect our of Bass Assassin bait. With a super soft plastic that gives an amazing tail action with even the smallest twitch of the rod and the fish will be unable to ignore and resist this good tasting bait. Many of the colors of this bait come infused with the BANG Fish Attractant.

  • 10 per package
  • Length: 4in
  • Infused with BANG Fish Attractant
  • Super soft plastic
  • Great tail action

Item # Color Length Model Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1380016 White 4 in WA32108 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380017 Texas Roach 4 in WA32207 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380018 Salt & Pepper Silver Phantom/Chartreuse Tail 4 in WA32238 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380019 Purple Canary 4 in WA32211 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380020 Morning Glory/Limetreuse Tail 4 in WA32258 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380021 Limetreuse 4 in WA32118 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380022 Houdini 4 in WA32394 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380023 Glow 4 in WA32116 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380024 Fire Tiger 4 in WA32245 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380025 Crystal Shad 4 in WA32343 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380026 Chicken on a Chain 4 in WA32214 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380027 Chartreuse Silver Glitter 4 in WA32452 10 Bass Assassin $4.59
1380028 Black Shad 4 in WA32300 10 Bass Assassin $4.59

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