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Gold Tip Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack

Gold Tip Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack

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Gold Tip Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack- These carbon hunting arrows are a 400 spine and come pre-fletched with Vanetech 2 inch vanes. The pure carbon construction makes these arrows strong and durable.

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Gold Tip Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack- This arrow is built with a solid all carbon construction. The carbon makes arrows durable, bend resistant, and long lasting. The 8.2 grains per inch will give hunters a great balance between speed and energy. When it comes to a hunting arrow, the Ballistic Hunter will do the job.

  • 8.2 grains per inch
  • VaneTech 2 inch vanes
  • Inserts included
  • All carbon construction

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I am going to buy a nother set next paycheck


I am a target shooters I was looking for a set of arrows that didn't cost an arm and a leg, eaney way after sizing and putting 100 gr target points in I put each on my scale they are 62grs heavier then my 20 year old arrows I haven't shot for some time I am a little Leary,i took them over to the SouthUmpqua Gun Club they just put in a new Archery range from 10 to 40 yds ,to say I was very happy ,the Arrows from 10 out to 40yrds they Groups great I'm very satisfied and I'm going up next week end and get a nother set or two.

Canyonville OR


Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack


These arrows are great! The price is right and they are tough. I have put these arrows through deer with no problems. I am tough on arrows and have shot the fletchings off of most but the shafts are still like new. You cannot beat the price and quality! I can't wait to purchase again.

Hampton, SC

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack


I bought a half dz. of these arrows to try out and I'm impressed with them. They fly great and since I've been shooting these I have tightened my grouping. These arrows are great for the price. Try them and you'll do the same as me and buy more.

Fresno, CA

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack


Very durable arrow. I have had a few lose their fletching's but I re-fletched and used them for years. I just purchased another dozen.

Kanab, UT

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack


I bought a 1/2 dozen of these just to play around with but after the third shoot "Robin Hood". That's a first for me so I'm on here now goin to buy a whole dozen!! Great arrow!

Mulberry, AR

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 Pack


I first received a set of 6 of these when I purchased my bow at SW. The 400 spline shoots great in my 55lb setting and after losing my half dozen sighting in, I purchased other brand arrows. They did not fly as well or hold up as strong. I recently purchased 3 1/2 dozen Ballistics and still have 3 dozen un shot. These arrows are true, strong and now on sale the price cannot be beat. That is probably why they are sold out while I write this review. The only reason I would not recommend these shafts is because I would want them all for myself.

Alamogordo, NM

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 pack


been shooting these for months hunting caribou,moose,bear and have had no problems with them breaking.I have hit rocks and up to 3/4 in plywood and still havent broke any and still use them even down to -25 degree weather. Along with the warrior gold tip with the same out come

fairbanks, AK

Ballistic Hunter 400 Arrows 6 pack


These arrows stand up really well to abuse. I have hit all kinds of hard objects inadvertently and the only damage so far is one of the nocks came out but didn't break. I am shooting a 60 pound re-curve.

Lakewood, CO


5.0 8


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