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BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod
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BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod
Comments: Learn more about the BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack BiPod

BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod


BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod- The TraverseTrack gives the shooter the ability to track targets horizontally, without picking up the gun. The pivoting action gives level shooting by swiveling side to side.

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BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod- No longer do you have to pick up your rifle to move horizontally. The TraverseTrack Bipod has the ability to move side to side, whether following game or on uneven terrain, you will have a solid rest. The quick adjust lever lock, and high strength spring return telescoping legs gives this all metal bipod a solid and adjustable design.

  • 6-9 inch
  • 9-13 inch
  • 13.5-23 inch
  • All metal construction
  • Telescoping tubular legs

Pivot Bipod


This product does not fit the Savage 11 Longhunter. Cannot firmly secure with legs in the forward position. However , it fits BEAUTIFULLY on a Tikka T3. I would highly recommend this product!

Pennsylvania, United States


Just bought this EVEN after reading reviews..


I will be removing the end clips and putting my own custom paracord fateners on it. I have another blackhawk bandloeer which I have had for years and the shot shell elastic loops are great and tight and do not allow shells to slip out. Webbing is extremely good and heavy duty. Just cut clips off with bolt cutters and use something else.





what a gay product

san jose CA


BLACKHAWK! TraverseTrack Bipod


Run away from this Bipod. I was going back and forth between the Harris and based on a recommendation from someone at the store this Blackhawk. First trip out the set screw stripped out and it will not stay secure to my rifle. I wanted to like this product but could not be more disappointed.

Chandler, AZ

Too Noisy!!


Sold as a tactical sling for shotguns but not very tactical. I installed the sling on an 870 and it lets everyone know that you are coming with all the noise it makes. Not good for LEO's. The padding is also very slick and have trouble slinging the gun and keeping it on my shoulder. I am very dissatisfied with the product. I will be looking for another sling. Might make a decent sling for hunting, just not bad guy hunting.

Memphis, Tn.


the traverse feature is nice


Had it for 6 months on my 700 vtr. Stays put but allows me to move at the same time.

Missouri, United States


Do not buy.


I bought this for my 870 tactical. Sling spring clips do not fit the swivel studs and also is very noisy. I will be returning this product.

Woodbridge, VA


Jingle Bells


I had this sling on my gun for a couple of weeks, then took it off and bought a sling from another company. WHY? Because of the metal swivels on this sling. They are so noisy that you might as well be wearing bells! If it wasn't for how noisy it was, this would be a good sling.

Indiana, United States



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