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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier

Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier


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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier - These handy clip on magnifiers make a great addition to your fly fishing tools to help you inspect your flies while out on the water.

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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier - If you are out fishing and need to tie on a new fly or need to work on a knot these clip on magnifiers are the perfect tool have handy. These clip onto glasses or sunglasses.

  • Durable magnifying glass
  • Clips onto glasses or sunglasses

They work but break way to easy


Don't know how many pairs of these dang things I've been through. Although they're nice and light weight if you put them in a backpack for the hike in/out of your favorite hole and put any amount of pressure on them the plastic bridge between the two lenses is sure to snap. The protective case does not protect from breakage, just scratches.



Great, but...


My Sweetie is a bit rough on equipment, so they lasted about 4 outings. A metal frame would be sturdier, but more expensive. The good news- my Sweetie has strabismus, so a monocle is actually better!

4 miles OUTSIDE of Nowhere, AK



2.5 2


Item # Size Type Model Brand Price Order Online
1332379 1.50 Magnifiers OD-10 Anglers Accessories $9.99
1393759 1.75 Magnifiers OD-12 Anglers Accessories $9.99
1359736 2.00 Magnifiers OD-14 Anglers Accessories $9.99

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