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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier

Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier


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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier - These handy clip on magnifiers make a great addition to your fly fishing tools to help you inspect your flies while out on the water.

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Anglers Accessories Clip On Magnifier - If you are out fishing and need to tie on a new fly or need to work on a knot these clip on magnifiers are the perfect tool have handy. These clip onto glasses or sunglasses.

  • Durable magnifying glass
  • Clips onto glasses or sunglasses

Great, but...


My Sweetie is a bit rough on equipment, so they lasted about 4 outings. A metal frame would be sturdier, but more expensive. The good news- my Sweetie has strabismus, so a monocle is actually better!

4 miles OUTSIDE of Nowhere, AK



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Item # Size Type Model Brand Price Order Online
1332379 1.50 Magnifiers OD-10 Anglers Accessories $9.99
1393759 1.75 Magnifiers OD-12 Anglers Accessories $9.99
1359736 2.00 Magnifiers OD-14 Anglers Accessories $9.99

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