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A-Zoom Pistol Snap Caps

A-Zoom Pistol Snap Caps

$14.99 - $15.99

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A-Zoom Snap Caps - A great choice for safe function testing, magazine changing, drills and dry firing practice.

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A-Zoom Snap Caps - A great choice for safe function testing, magazine changing, drills and dry firing practice. A-Zoom pistol snap caps are not only perfect for cycling, but also for teaching safe handling.

  • Training rounds are the same size as actual ammunition
  • A-Zoom Training Rounds load in a magazine just like real ammo
  • Teach Safe Loading and Unloading

Nicely made but created a jamming issue


I bought these to function test a jamming tube fed semi auto .22 rifle. These rounds introduced a whole new jamming issue. Each round has a small countersunk hole drilled in the primer end. The whole is big enough that the tip of the round behind it in the tube gets 'stuck' in it and when it tries to feed the primer end kicks up since the tip is stuck in the drilled hole. These may work well in other action types, but in a tube fed rifle they just don't work well.

Fairfield, CA


Necessary Accessory.


Learned my lesson from not using snap caps for shotgun storage. Long story, short, had to replace the hammer springs on my SKB O/U after years of storing it with the hammers cocked. Could have saved $$$$ and gun being down during peak bird season. Had to buy a backup shotgun to finish the season. These are the best ones I have seen. The don't know about the plastic ones from Traditions, but I had to buy a set because they didn't have enough A-Zooms in stock for all of my shotguns. Will see how the hard plastic holds up over time.

Phoenix, Az


A-Zoom Shotgun Snap Caps


I have really liked the solid feel and weight of these. My Pump action Mossberg 500 is a bit picky in extracting lighter weight snap caps. This one is perfect and seems to last forever. After cleaning and maintaining my guns I always use snap caps to make sure my guns are operating and ejecting properly and a good quality snap cap is WELL worth the purchase.

Beaverton, OR

A-Zoom Pistol Snap Caps


Very happy with the product and the quick turn around.

Phoenix, AZ

A-Zoom Revolver Snap Caps


I don't know much about snap caps. It seems to me that one snap cap is as good as another. However, after shopping around I found the price here @ Sportsman's Warehouse was cheaper, and the service was excellent. Everything I ordered, including the snap caps, was priced great and shipped to me at lightening speed.

New Orleans, LA

A-Zoom Pistol Snap Caps


Cant go wrong with snap caps.

Decatur, IL


4.3 6


Item # Caliber Pack Qty Brand Price Order Online
1114333 .40 S&W 5 A-Zoom $14.99
1114334 .45 ACP 5 A-Zoom $14.99
1114335 9MM 5 A-Zoom $14.99
1287696 .380 ACP 5 A-Zoom $15.99

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