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Sportsmans Outdoor Products Bow Holster  
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Sportsmans Outdoor Products Bow Holster
Sportsman's Outdoor Products Bow Holster ? The Bow Holster is a great idea for those times when you have to wait for the perfect shot, whether in a treestand, groundblind, on the shooting line. The Bow Holster is a great, convenient alternative from having to set you bow on the ground where dirt, rocks, and other debris that could damage you wheels or cams. Every bow hunter can give you a hunting story that starts with the bow was too heavy to hold any more. The Bow Holster has a quiet foam pocket for extra support. The depth of the pocket accommodates large cams or wheels. The leg strap stabilizes the holster and keeps the holster in the best shooting position. The Holster also has an adjustable Easy On belt loop attachment so each hunter can fit the holster to his or her size.


"Easy On" adjustable belt loop
Removable leg strap
Quiet foam pocket for extra support
Prevents having to rest your bow on the ground where dirt and rocks can damage your cams or wheels


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