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LimbSaver Broadband Limb Dampener  
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LimbSaver Broadband Limb Dampener
LimbSaver Broadband Dampener -There is no bow dampening product on the planet that can compare to the New Broadband LimbSaver. The New Broadband truly sets a new standard of performance with reducing vibration and noise. The New Broadband LimbSaver is a scientific masterpiece, promoting the first ever Multi Durometer Dual Broadband technology.


  • Extremely Efficient and Effective
  • Incorporates Dual Broadband
  • Superior Noise and Vibration Reduction
  • Low Profile and Lightweight
  • Interchangeable Colored Broadband Rings
  • Simple Installation
  • NOTE: Broadband LimbSavers only Everlast Leeches sold separately


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