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Yum Crawbug - The CrawBug is a finesse craw that can be threaded on a jighook or Texas rigged for finicky bass.

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Yum Crawbug - A crawfish is to a bass what a steak is to a cowboy - the ultimate meal. The YUM CrawBug is nature re-created. The bait is designed with three-dimensional features never before seen in a soft plastic bait. Amazingly realistic detail, a specially designed hollow body and super soft texture combine to imitate a fleeing crawfish perfectly. Flip it, rig it or jig it. This bait does its job.

  • This bait was designed with three-dimensional features never before seen in a soft plastic lure
  • Specially designed hollow body and super-soft texture combine to perfectly imitate a fleeing crawfish
  • LPT crawfish formula attractant plus salt and you have the most lifelike crawfish imitation ever designed

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Item # Color Length Model Pack Qty Brand Price Quantity
1417565 Black Neon 3.25 in YCRB301 8 Yum $2.99
1417567 Watermelon Red Flake 3.25 in YCRB302 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417569 Crawdad 3.25 in YCRB306 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417572 Green Pumpkin 3.25 in YCRB308 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417574 Watermelon Seed 3.25 in YCRB309 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417576 Green Pumpkin/Texas Red 3.25 in YCRB310 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417577 Black Blue 3.25 in YCRB312 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417579 Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse 3.25 in YCRB359 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
1417570 Carolina Pumpkin 3.25 in YCRB307 8 Yum $2.99
In Stock
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