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Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Floating
Yo Zuri
Yo Zuri

Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Floating


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Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Floating - Yo-Zuri’s Crystal Minnow Floating Premium Classic Prism finish reflects all subsurface light, even in murky water.

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Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Floating - There are several successfully proven methods for fishing this well-known bait, including a retrieve-and-pause, slow to moderate retrieve, or in a twitch-pause-retrieve fashion. The radically erratic side-to-side swimming action and brilliant Prism Flash attracts all types of game fish. This series now includes some of Yo-Zuri’s newest and most advanced fresh and saltwater colors.

  • Durable clear coated outside
  • Polycarbonate body
  • Saltwater grade tin hooks
  • Highly detailed design - lifelike gill plates
  • Flat and scaled finishes
  • Stainless steel split rings

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Item # Color Size Length Model Brand Price Quantity
1404634 Holo Chartreuse 5/8 oz 5 1/4 in R1125 HCL Yo Zuri $13.99
In Stock
1404636 Holo Red Head 5/8 oz 5 1/4 in R1125 HRH Yo Zuri $13.99
In Stock
1404637 Holo Bronze Shiner 5/8 oz 5 1/4 in R1125 HRSN Yo Zuri $13.99
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