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Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44Cal Black Powder Revolver

Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44Cal Black Powder Revolver



Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44Cal Black Powder Revolver - Case-Hardened Frame, Brass Backstrap and Trigger Guard with a walnut grip.

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Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44Cal Black Powder Revolver - Case-Hardened Frame, Brass Backstrap and Trigger Guard. Modern machinery and improved materials used on Uberti replica firearms result in a stronger and more precise metal-to-metal fit. The Colt Dragoon included many parts identical to those used on the Walker, including the brass square-back trigger guard. The Dragoon also boasted many designed improvements over the Paterson, making it a unique hybrid of old and new. Dragoons were the first Colt revolvers with a latch for the loading lever that prevented the lever from falling during firing. All Dragoon models have integrated loading cut-outs for easy and secure seating of the percussion caps. The Dragoons inherited this design element from the Walker.

  • Caliber: .44 Cal
  • Barrel Length: 7.5in
  • Case-Hardened Frame
  • Steel Backstrap
  • Brass Trigger Guard
  • 6 Shot
  • Length: 13.4in
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Finish: Blued
  • Grips: Walnut

    Daniel of Independence, LA - October, 21 2015:

    I bought the Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon a few weeks ago from Sportsman Warehouse and first off, shipping was outstanding. Fast! Now for the gun. This is my third model BP revolver, the other two being a Rem 1858 44 cal and a 1851 Conf Navy 44 cal. Both are Pietta's and the Uberti has them beat on quality. Now for the Dragoon. It is a hand cannon, no doubt about it. I was shooting it with 30 grains of Pryodex P and it was like shooting a 44 mag. It is a very heavy gun and shoots a bit high but it is also a lot of fun shooting that hawg leg. Not once did the loading lever fall down while shooting this gun and only one time did I have a cap become dislodged. Disassembling and cleaning was also a breeze. The wedge came right out with a light knock of a screw driver handle and it pulled apart with no problems. Was able to clean it and oil it with no problems and took hardly any time at all. Now for the one con of this revolver. I use a straight line capper and it wont work with the dragoon so I had to fit the caps on by hand. That was a bit of a PITA and I will have to try some other style cappers to see if I can find one that will work. I have been wanting a dragoon for many years and am glad I bought one from Sportsman Warehouse. They have the best price and I felt like I received quality service/product from them. I highly recommend this gun to any BP enthusiast and dont be surprised if you find a crowd around you when you start firing this hawg leg. The sound from shooting it is just as impressive as it looks!

    Bpman of Peoria, AZ - August, 19 2011:

    Recieved my 44 Dragoon today. Beautiful gun. Workmanship is outstanding. This is some gun. I will clean it up an go to the range in a few days to give it a try. I will post on its performance at that time. BWT the gun arrived much sooner than I expected. Ordered it on the 16th of Aug., recieved it on the 19th of Aug.

    Bpman of Peoria, AZ - August, 25 2011:

    This is the second post I have submitted for this gun. For some reason the the first post is not listed. I took this gun to the range. Its action is very smooth an the accuracy is very good. I had some trouble getting 3 of the cylinders to fire but probably because I didnt clean them of the oil well enough. Overall this gun performed great. I am very satisfied with it. This is a big gun so if big guns are your thing, I would highly reccomend it.

    bill wallner of anchorage, AK - April, 04 2013:

    just picked up this cannon today. only problem the wedge was drove in to deep and the action hung up..simple fix was just to drive back the wedge a bit ! real smooth action now ! havent had a chance to take it out yet...will report back :}

    john wright of shelbyville, KY - May, 11 2013:

    good solid built shooter. shoots pretty high, had to cut a deeper notck in the rear sight to lower the shot. other than that, i made a very good choice in buying the uberti dragoon.

    BILL WALLNER of anch., AK - April, 13 2014:

    real nice can blast all day -on the cheap.. took it over to a local gunsmith shop and had them install a rear site...just a simple dove tale site..looks complete now.. and shoots even better..........hiker.

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