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Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Arrow Rest
Trophy Taker
Trophy Taker

Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Arrow Rest



Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Arrow Rest- This fall-away style rest attaches to the bottom limb, top limb, up cable or down cable of the bow to customize the arrow rest to your specific bow. The full containment means that your arrow will always stay on the rest.

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Trophy Taker SmackDown Pro Arrow Rest- Made from 100% metal components, this rest is rock solid. The built in launcher dampeners will ensure that no matter what, this rest will be dead silent. The full capture hood features and easy access entrance bristle. The SmackDown rest can be configured for attachment to the upper or lower limbs, or the up and down cables. Trophy Taker backs up their arrow rests with a unconditional lifetime warranty.

  • Configure to Upper or Lower limbs, Up or Down Cables
  • Built in launcher dampeners
  • Fast cord tension adjustment
  • No cable tension at full draw
  • Included limb attachment casp
  • All metal construction

Brian of Carson City, NV - February, 20 2015:

Bought this rest in January with high hopes, and based on most reviews Ive read, not sure what happened with mine... Ive had to re-tighten the cable three times, and needs to be tightened again. Within a week of shooting around 50 arrows a day, the felt was torn up and missing, so Trophy Ridge sent some new felt for free. That new felt is also torn up after a week. Ive tried mock stalking with an arrow nocked, and there is no real containment, causing the arrow to bounce around inside the rest hoop creating too much noise for my liking. This rest also eats up my Blazer vanes. Ive tried all kinds of orientation, but cant seem to get rid of the contact. When the rest was first installed, my groups were no tighter than they were before (biggest group is consistently 4" @ 60 yards) with a non-fall away style my groups are averaging 9" at 20 yards. Ive never shot this poorly before, and the only thing that has changed is this rest. Ill be going to my local Sportsmans this afternoon to attempt a final fix, so if anything changes (doubt anything will), I will update and upgrade my review. Chances are Ill be selling this expensive POS for far less than I paid for it, and slappin the ol tried and true whisker biscuit back on.

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