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Traeger Lil Tex Elite Smoker

Traeger Lil Tex Elite Smoker

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Traeger Lil Tex Elite Smoker - A stylish twist on our popular Lil' Tex, the "Elite" features a multi-position digital thermostat control.


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Traeger Lil Tex Elite Smoker - A stylish twist on our popular Lil' Tex, the "Elite" features a multi-position digital thermostat control, upgraded wheels, and a durable powder coat finish round out the amazing standard features of the Lil' Tex Elite. This model is sure to set the barbecue world on fire!

  • multi-position digital thermostat control
  • upgraded wheels
  • durable powder coat finish
  • 20000 BTU's
  • 418 sq. in. (19" x 22") Grilling Area

Jeff of Auburn, WA - June, 14 2013:

I have owned this Traeger grill for a little over three years, and I have had nothing but problems with it. I know that the majority of Traeger owners are very happy with them, so I must have gotten a lemon. In three years, I've already gone through three hot rods. Traeger says that's "normal." I say that's "Totally Unacceptable." Other stuff has gone wrong too. Temperatures are wildly inaccurate on my digital thermostat (30 degree swings), fuses have inexplicably blown on the controller/"mother board," and a few days ago the pellet auger stopped working altogether. No auger; no pellets; no dice. Mission Failure. I still don't have the auger working. Traeger customer service has ignored my requests for assistance. I don't know why they refuse to help me. I am the customer. I asked them a very simple question concerning whether or not there are any authorized Traeger service centers in Western Washington state, and they have refused to answer the question. I am utterly mystified by their unresponsiveness. When my Traeger worked, it worked good. Never great.....but good. The flavor was always good, but the food was usually dry (NOT overcooked.....dry). All that hot air (from the fan) -- combined with the wood pellet smoke -- results in dry food. Great for jerky and smoked fish; OK for shoulder; but not good for brisket or ribs. Smoke is good, but excessive airflow is bad. Moisture is lost, and food turns out dry. Even if my Traeger was working now, I would not recommend it to someone in the market for a smoker -- and I would never buy another. Despite my bad luck with the Traeger (spanning over three years now), it still remains only my experience. Your results may vary. I wish you all the very Best of Luck should you choose to buy one!

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