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Tactical Solutions Glock 17/22 Conversion

Tactical Solutions Glock 17/22 Conversion

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Tactical Solutions Glock 17/22 Conversion - Tactical Solutions NEW TSG-22 17/22 is a .22LR conversion for the Glock 17 and 22.

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Tactical Solutions Glock 17/22 Conversion - Tactical Solutions NEW TSG-22 17/22 is a .22LR conversion for the Glock 17/22 & 34/34 pistols. The TSG-22 4140 steel slide design gives you the look and feel of a factory Glock making this conversion a great training tool at a fraction of the ammunition costs. Like a traditional Glock the TSG-22 features an internal firing pin safety for added safety against accidental discharge. Factory OEM Glock fixed sights are installed on each TSG-22, utilizing the standard front and rear sight cuts allows the shooter to install most aftermarket sights designed for the factory Glocks. Each TSG-22 conversion comes with a last round hold open 15 round polymer magazine.

.22LR conversion for the Glock 17 and 22
Great for training without the expense of 9mm ammunition.

Mike M. of Puyallup, WA - May, 19 2011:

Tactical Solutions 17-22 conversion unit Review I tracked the availability of the TS conversion on the Sportsman's Warehouse web site and one day it was available. I immediately ordered it. I received the package with in a few days.  Upon opening the package I was impressed with the quality of the slide and magazine. I followed the directions and slipped it onto my Glock generation 2 lower. a perfect fit. The 15 round magazine is plastic but well designed and stoutly built. I followed the instructions and secured the recommended ammunition CCI 40 gr. round nose and went to the range. At the range I eagerly loaded the first round into the magazine, Inserted the magazine into the pistol, released the slide pointed the pistol down range and pulled the trigger CLICK. This was the first of many failure to fire. I continued until at last a round went off. I worked over 100 rounds through the gun unit there was a slight improvement in the functioning. but the gun would only fire and operate for a few rounds and then a stoppage would occur. I contacted the company by e-mail and the next day. A technician from Tactical Solutions phoned me. I discussed the problems that I had encountered and he told me that the gun and the magazine would require a break-in period of about 200 rounds. Also he recommended CCI Blazer ammunition. Following the phone instructions I went to the range again and again.  After 600 rounds and five trips to the range the pistol fired 50 rounds with just three stoppages. The problematic functioning of this unit has been a disappointment. The unit is not reliable to use in any competition. Unlike the Glock 17 that worked great right out of the box this conversion has problems. Is my lower defective? It works great with the 9mm upper.  This is my first conversion unit and I had high hopes for it. A friend that has an Accurate Arms Conversion unit has had no trouble. Not one to give up I will continue the “Break In “ hoping that the functioning will become

Keith of Jasper, GA - August, 07 2011:

Got it and went to the range. Fist magazine I had 2 fail to feed. After that it is working great. My wife loves it too.

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